Training period & race day lessons

What did I learned? Main thing is that I am still dumb. That being said, I can continue. I had 12 weeks of training, which finished with the race day. My objective was below 50 initially, transformed in below 48, after I managed to lower my 10k time to 48 in one training session.

I finished in 54,24. What went wrong? Well, after I judged at cold, I would say … besides my race strategy, nothing. I am capable in ideal conditions to lower my time, and I am able to finish 10.5 km below 48.

Just in the race, those were not ideal conditions, and when setting my objective I did not considered that. Why I say those are not ideal conditions?

  1. It was very hot and humid.
  2. The path went trough a very thick forest, that prevented me in breathing properly. I felt like running trough a tunnel.
  3. The path was very sinuous, preventing maintaining the speed.
  4. I started very strong, with 4:14 per km, when my fastest km ever is 4:13. Obviously I could not maintain it.


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