Why I want to race again !

I thought about it for a long time … while I was not running … if I should run in competition again, or I should  limit myself to just run from time to time. As I am quite competitive I made the decision that I will race again. Competitive this time just with me, but still competitive.

I was thinking about it today and I reached a conclusion : without racing I will not try to go as fast as I can and than a bit faster. I will not strive run the same distance and than some more. I need this motivation that the competition gives me.

And than, as I found out on my own skin how freaking annoying is to be out of the game because an injury, I am willing to do everything that I can to prevent it.

In other words : I am willing to do anything to be healthy and injury free so I can run faster and longer than I ever did. Therefor I am investing time now in searching, researching, reading and training. Why do you race ?

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