Why do I even bother?

I have received this question sometimes till now. Combined with famous questions “Can’t you see running is bad for you?”.

I guess the people that are asking me these questions are not going to read my blog, but who knows.

Running is bad for me

The truth is that my injury, which is not good an injury, comes previously to me starting running. My hip problem comes from a strong traumatism, which I can’t seem to remember, combined with the lack of sports for a period of time, and … gaining some excess weight.

I have been quite active, and I have almost always done some sports. I stopped in 2007, and till 2010 I had a period without too much movement. And I gained some kilos. For my height I should be in between 80-90 kg, I was 105. I was smoking, in a “good” day about 3 packs a day. That is around 60 cigarettes.

So, a strong hit in my hip, falling somewhere sometimes, together with no sports and an extra 20 kg, cause my left hip to be unbalanced. 3,5 cm lower than the right one, and all the muscles in the hip were blocked.

I could not realise that my muscles were blocked, till now, when I started working on unblocking it. And I have some specific exercises that I do for hip release that would put me exhausted, tired but a good tiredness.


Was not running that caused these problems to me. Was lack of it, or lack of any sports for a period of time. Had I not started running? Probably I would have never known of these problems, my hips would deteriorate as I was getting older and in some 10-15 years, I would have been in more serious problems. That is one side of the problem.

But still, why running?

I never thought I will say that running calms me down. I never understood runners till I did it myself. I am a better person when I run. I am better Mihai, in private or at work, calmer, more organised, creative, you name it, I am better at it when I run.

Running forces me to be a better person, but at the same time, as I want to compete, makes me want to be a better person. Tried to find that in a woman, apparently, my mistress is running. I might even marry her.

Running points out my physical problems, limitations, and makes me improve it.




Running made possible this transformation. Running is shaping me, takes out what is bad and leaves me a better human. That is why I keep trying, that is why I will run again.


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