Trial and error, 10.10

Today’s training was difficult. I came after a weekend spent at my parents house where I just ate and slept. So today in the morning I was a bit …hmmm. Not interested in going out.

But I did. I planned to change my training from last week. Last week I did jog+strength+jog Monday and intervals on Tuesday, at the end of the 36 hrs of fasting.

This week I moved the intervals on Monday, and I will leave for tomorrow the strength.

My plan is during Monday’s to alternate different types of intervals. 10x1km, 3x4km, 3x6x400m and so on. And in time will be able to appreciate the progress. Or lack of it.

Today for example I felt slow and heavy but when I came back home I’ve seen that I actually was quite fast. Just the eight kilometre, the last one, was 5:00, every other one was bellow. I am now looking forward to repeat the same workout couple of weeks from now and see where I am.

Overall, compared with last week is much better to do intervals on Monday. Tomorrow I will train twice, once in the morning doing some strength exercises in the park, and the other one in the evening, testing some gels I got today. So probably tomorrow I will go again for a long run, maybe 22 again.


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