Trial and error, 05.10 Training

After 04.10 when I went for a long run and came back with a PB for 10 k, yesterday I decided to go for a longer run. I calculated it should be 22 from my house, 3 rounds around the lake, back home. The lake has 6, till the lake 2 back from lake 2. Was not exactly 22. I got a half marathon distance. 21, 12 km. A bit more than a half, with about 30m. Good training.

As I started running I felt not very good. Pain in the knee, pain in the hip. After 3 km I thought I might have to settle with the regular 10 and call the day. After the 7th km I started feeling ok. I am not sure but overall this might be the first time ever when I manage a negative split. The fastest 4 km were in order 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th: 5:08, 5:12, 5:15 and 5:35.

I had an average of 5:43 min per km, without pushing at any moment and no objective in mind.


What are my lessons from this run?

  1. I need to start testing gels and energy drinks for longer runs. I had moment during this run when I would have needed.
  2. The pain I felt was different and today I got my answer from my doctor. My hip is re-balancing. This changes my gait, changes some things in the way I run. I put pressure as I run in different places that were not used with. Hence the different pain. I will go periodically to the doctor as the last thing I have is a bone edema in my lumbar region that needs to be checked on a regular basis.

Overall the situation is like this:

  • I am aloud to run and train as much as possible
  • the hip is back in place
  • muscular wise I am ok, my back is fine
  • my edema can be fixed
  • the knee pain I had is due to changes taken place in my body
  • I am running a half marathon on 22.10, just after coming from a business trip for BoostIT in Luxembourg
  • I need to find a place to train in Luxembourg


I am back in business, back in running and things are looking good, which is what I wish for you as well!




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