Tragedy !

Tragedy indeed. As it it, I am devastated.

Yesterday, as I said, I went running. For the first time … remember ? For the first time this year, first time in Romania etc.

I had in mind a slow pace … and as much as I can handle distance. I went out of my place, equipped, motivated, full of expectations.

The run in itself went good. 10k at 6min/km pace. Finishing with a boost of energy. Where is the tragedy you might ask?

Garmin did not registered my run. Can you imagine this? Now I need to run again.

On a more serious note I must confess that I am extremely happy with the run. The hip pain appeared at some point, but I managed to understand that if I change the movement, for example if when in pain I have to go up hill, or upstairs, the pain disappears. What should I understand from this? I am not sure.

The knee pain comes just after the hip pain, not before so they should be connected. All this on the left side. The right ankle, which was the other thing bothering me, it is a posture problem. I tend to step on my right foot on the exterior side, somehow just on the last two small toes. If I correct it the pain does not appear.

Overall good. Still waiting to have an appointment to do a MR to my hip, but will run through it. No more waiting.




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