The joy of running – Diary of a race

This year I´ve let other things to keep me away from the one activity that brings balance in my life: running.

I have been involved in a lot of other stuff this year, but I have made a promise to myself: not to let anything come in between me and running. And so, I could not miss the one competition that I was expecting for 1 year: The CiucasX3 half marathon.

After a 3 months break, and a total of almost 100 km ran til July during the year, I was not sure that I can come back fast enough to be able to finish the race. I managed to run just 150 km till the race, which made a grand total of almost 250 km through the year.

I was quite nervous as this race is organised by the team CiucasX3 to which I belong starting with last year November. Anyway, as I am no elite runner, I calmed down and just went there for the fun of it.

The race itself it is rather hard. Going from 800 m altitude to 1800m and back to 800. Almost all the positive level difference is in the first 9 km.

The race took place on Saturday. As I could not go to Cheia (some 2hrs north from where I live) from Friday, I was to drive with some friends in the morning. And so I started my day around 3 AM. Out of the house at 4:30, arriving at the starting point at around 8. Got my race kit, talked with some friends and at 9:30 started to warm up.

I was not completely ok, had some stomach pain and I could not eat.

The race started at 10 AM, and there were about 1000 people at the start line. As I did not want to get caught I kept myself in the first 200-300. My start was miserable.

My start was miserable. I was not feeling good and I was worried if I can finish. After 2-3 km we started climbing and I realised that I might have underestimated the race. I had no water with me, as I thought I can go without, and it would have helped to bring along some water.

At km 9 I had a rough period and I felt dizzy. I almost felt. I needed 1 minute and I started walking. And so, on the flat area where I was supposed to recuperate, I was forced to walk. And so I did.

And until the end was a mix of running walking and with the last 5 km being the fastest and the 19th the fastest km of them all. Finished exhausted in 3 hrs 28 min. Exhausted and happy.

So, slowly I am getting back at running, and hopefully at writing too. I already registered for the next race, next month. Again a half marathon.


Until next time: happy running!





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