CiucasX3, seen from the other side

I need to start by saying that registering as a volunteer for CiucasX3 (half, full and ultra.marathon race in the Ciucas Mountains) might be the smartest thing I have done lately. All the information about the race you can find on their website, facebook page and online in general. Of course involved some effort, time, work from my side, but what I have received in exchange was far greater. And I am not talking about the per-diem for the last days, the t-shirt or anything else. But I am speaking of the chance of meeting a lot of people with the same passions and hobbies as myself. People that love running, mountain, nature, competition, and they just do what they Read more

Life happens.

I am currently following the 6633 Ultra race, the toughest race on the face of the world. 560 km in the Arctic. We have for the first time 3 Romanians running it, and the results after 3 days are showing a Romanian podium. I wish them and all the participants the best of luck! But back to me. After last year started very bad for my running it just got worse. At the end of the year I passed trough some very tough personal problems and once again I moved. Since 2008 I moved every year, except 2011 when I lived all year long in the same place. besides that …I had a major move every year, including moving from Read more

100k for the Arctic – Last Episode !

I have managed to put myself together in front of the computer and get last 2 videos. Here it is the seventh : While the eight uploads on youtube let me tell you something ! This was one of the coolest projects I have ever participate ! I am sorry that I haven´t stumble upon Nils earlier, maybe I could of help more. I am looking forward to recidivate. I am looking forward to find and develop meaningful projects. So if you have ideas … please don´t be shy ! I might say no, but in the same time I might say yes ! About this specific project, in terms of resources : – 1  gopro – 1 iphone 4 Read more