3000 m in one day

Does not sound a lot. 3000 m in one day. I am just not talking about 3000 m as a distance but as a level difference. I went again to my mountain. Piatra Craiului that is. I had to. Third time this year, and if time allows it will go another time till weather changes. Than, if I can find some more experienced mountaineers I want to experience one or several winter trips. But let me go back to my weekend. I went accompanied by a friend with not so much mountains experience. In fact, first time when my friend went to the mountains, in a serious mountaineering trip was with me some 3 weeks ago. We went up the Read more

My trip to the mountains!

I finally made it to my mountain. After … 9 years. I had 1 more attempt on going to the mountains, in 2014, when I went to Padina Fest and was an unfortunate experience. Due to subjective reasons that trip was a bad experience. But that is history. After 9 years I made it back on the top of Piatra Craiului Mountains, for the third time in my life. I planned the trip in detail. Even like this it did not went my way. Initial plan:   Initial plan was rather difficult. “La Lanturi” it is one of the most difficult trekking routes in Romania. And followed by a day of ridge where you have to carry your water. The Read more

I am back!

In the last 2 weeks, less than 2 weeks actually I have done more sports than in the last 6 months. Apparently coming back home was good. For a long period of time I was afraid to go out and run because one of the injuries that I was suspected of was Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis. Which would have been bad. That is why I was insisting to wait till I do a MR to my hip. But dealing with the medical system in Romania is not that easy and they managed to get me out of my nerves. I am still not registered in the system, and last experience that I had with them made me go on the streets Read more