Running with a group

I should have named this : the benefits of running with a group, but I would not like to influence you as each one has his own thing going. For me running with a group, being a part of SkiLøperne it is by far the best thing that could of happen to me as a runner. Why, you might ask ? 1. I am beginner, they are almost all marathoners with experience and I can learn some things from them. 2. I am a guest in this country which makes me a bit unaware of the running habits, running routes and so on. I run with them I do not have to get worried about where I am going. I show up Read more

SkiLøpet 2014 … even more photos!

More photos. Even more photos to come. I will not upload them here as I don´t think wordpress gives me that space … have no clue ! But the photos are being now selected and uploaded on SkiLøpet Facebook page ! Here ! Feel free to check the page, like it and check my photos ! SkiLøpet 2014 ! I had bigger emotions than I had at my first race ! I am happy I decided to participate and I am relieved  to see it went ok. SkiLøpet had a great answer from media and have been a great deal of people participating and having fun ! Which means that the plans are out for SkiLøpet 2015 ! Now you Read more

SkiLøpet 2014

SkiLøpet … done ! First running race where I was on the other side ! Not running but helping out ! The way that I could help out was to take photos ! And I did ! 921 of them ! Actually more but some I had to delete.  If I would have been a pro photographer I guess I would have to delete some more. Maybe just 500 are good and maybe just 100 are very good quality , or maybe none ! However, I am not a pro, I am an amateur so I left even photos that are …hmmm … so so ! Why ? Because those are photos that even though are not so good for Read more

Preparing for the race !

I am very happy to be a part of the race tomorrow. Skiløpet is the first race I am on the other side of the barricades. While there are almost 1000 people preparing their gear for either the 10 k or the 5 k, I am also preparing my gear.   I am very curious and excited in the same time. I have read about running photography and how I should prepare everything, and looking forward for tomorrow ! Good luck to all runners there ! I will do my best to get your good side tomorrow !  

Dusting the camera !

I am a decent amateur photographer. I like to take photos, however I am aware than I will never be a good photographer.I don´t have the patience, nor the mind set on details, and I have for sure some issues with colours. More with nuances actually. So I will declare myself a decent amateur ! Some of my photos are in the page Photos !, some other photos you can see on my Flickr, while some other photos you will never see 🙂 ! My absolute favourite photo is this one : It was taken in the first months of living in Mozambique, in Nacala Porto, a city on coast of the Indian Ocean. First I saw the girl closer Read more