Injury … yes please !

I am injured and I am happy about it.I can´t run for about 2 weeks and I am already thinking what and how I am going to run after I start running ! Crazy how the mind works ! My mom would argue with me here as she still does not think I have one 🙂 My wife would back up my mom on this! My injury is not that bad. 2 weeks of rest, anti inflammatory cream and start with small distances and focus some more on feet and legs strength. All this will pass me trough August and will be able to start running longer distances with mid September. That puts me close to 1st of October when we Read more

Hei, Norway … Chapeau !

I live in Norway.  Living here and not running or biking during the summer it is impossible. And that is why … Chapeau ! I might agree or disagree with things that are happening here like taxes or the speed of some services and companies or whatever. I need to give Cesar what is Cesar´s ! And that is Norwegians attitude towards sports. From the youngest to the oldest, regardless of sex, religion or whatever else criteria. Now to back me up with some facts : yesterday, SkiJoggerne running meeting in a parking near the forest. Let me tell you first something about SkiJoggerne. It is a very nice running group with people from Ski and around. No athlete involved, Read more

Limping back home !

I was aware of this. I was aware that it will happen at a certain point. And it did. I had to limp back home the last 3 km of my run today. I went out of the door with the thought in mind to do a longer run, around 20 k and try a PB in the first 10. It went pretty well till 6th, 7th km. I started feeling the numbness I was talking here. I thought it is rather weird  but I kept going. In the 7th km I had to stop for the first time as I felt pain in my right ankle. And the pain went up , catching my Achilles tendon and some muscles in Read more

Why running ?

Attention ! This article does not take in consideration people who have run and doing sports all their life. Those are not normal ! I am kidding … maybe ! I am talking about regular people such as myself that left the bad habits take over their life. I am talking about people who smoke or have been, enjoy some greasy steaks, and some wine or beer or whatever. Maybe people who fancy chocolate a bit more than they should. I am talking about us. The normal humans ! I have said in a previous article that I used to do sports when I was kid/teenager. I used to do mountaineering till I was in my early twenties.The Carpathians are Read more

It is time to run !

As it passed a bit too much since last serious run I guess it is time to go out and try again. This time will travel south to the beautiful town of Halden and get a trail run around there. Will be the 2 men and their dogs running through the woods ! I will get some pictures … maybe, that is if we don´t get too much rain ! Till then I leave you in the company of some memories from Africa ! Enjoy !

Me and running !

I have been fascinated with running for a long time. Not with the asphalt running but trail, nature, mountain running. I would look to an image of a forest or whatever other nature image and instantly the thought that pops up in my head is how fast I can go from one point to another inside that scenery photo. This has been with me since a kid. Also, since I was a kid I had denied it. Because I was never able to run properly. I would develop some sort of pain after distances bigger than 1 or 2 km. Either the knees, or the kidneys region or the lungs or all together. So I never ran. I did tried. Read more

The wall !

Nope, not the famous wall while running a marathon but a wall that I do not know how to name. I guess the proper name would be post marathon depression. So how does this work ? Well, I can´t run. Since 21 of June, the day of the marathon I ran a 4.6 km on 22, a 13.3 on 28 and yesterday I had my first attempt on some intervals with the runners from SkiLøperne. I had to give up. I had a 4.4 warm up which went ok and during the intervals I had to stop. Why I had to stop ? I felt tired, physically and mentally. Could not get the motivation to continue. Felt a bit weird Read more

Post marathon and plans !

So here I am writing again. I have even shared my blog on Facebook and again I have to admit that I was a bit scared of that. Writing this blog I start to see that I am kind of chicken … I was afraid to run, afraid to post on Facebook ! Anyway, the reaction was nice and encouraging so I will keep on writing. Good. That being said I will carry on as a real marathon runner like myself would do (insert full of myself emoticon). Post marathon. This period started as soon as I stopped running. I went to pick up my mug received at the end, had some water and some more water and then started searching for Read more

21 of June 2014 ! Nordmarka Skogsmaraton !

So here we are. The marathon day. The long-awaited day had arrived. The long-awaited and feared day. I will not deny that I was nervous. I will also not deny that I was scared. Why ? Because as much as I wanted to keep cool and to say to myself that it is ok if I do not finish … at least I tried … next time will be better … bla bla … I knew that would not be good if I can´t finish. The secret wish went even further , so to finish in 6 hours or above that was also not really appealing to me. Recap : Started training on 4th of January. For 3 months had Read more

Run a marathon they said …

It will be fun they said … if you are masochist, yes, but apparently that was kept a secret. I think there was some guy that wrote a book on how we are Born to run …or something similar, is not it? Well, if we are born to run, than with me the pattern broke as I feel much more born to sit on the sofa and drink beer ! I am just joking … or maybe not ! Yes, I have just finished my first marathon. Yes, this is quite an important achievement for me. Yes, I am very happy and proud of myself. Yes, every muscle and bone in my body hurts. Yes, I will do it again. Read more