Running with your dog !

I told you the story of my dog ? Not the first dog, that joined me trough my Odyssey  but the second dog that we adopted in Mozambique, called the Mozambican dog ! So it is running with your dog, from my perspective. My dog is a reactive dog. Last year, the first behaviourist that saw him advised us to put him to sleep. We had on our hands a dog fearful aggressive, reacting to everything. Could not meet people, could not meet dogs, could not meet anything on the street as it was a nightmare. We worked for almost one year now with another behaviourist and she help us a lot in understanding him, caring for his needs and correcting Read more

Best run ever !

Trail runs forever ! Trail runs are so cool ! Trail runs are the best ! As you can see I am a bit excited! Sunday I just had the best run of my life ! We went to visit our friends in Halden and I took the opportunity to go for a run with the famous Norwegian friend that I talked before. The one and only … Glenn ! I will tell you more about him at some point. Around Halden they have very nice forests and we had a great day as we haven’t met anyone on the trails! Why is trail running so nice ? Well, do you remember that I have mentioned in an article that Read more