No title, just random thoughts. The weekend passed and so did my new running friends, they passed the test. I am talking about S-LAB WINGS SG from Salomon. Overall during the week-end I made 36 km and had no problems whatsoever. They feel fine, light, firm, and it is a great support for the feet when running on rough terrain. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I am covering more distance from month to month and starts to show. From 60 km in June, I am now on 5th of september with 50 km already ran or hiked on the mountains. I can feel the difference and I am happy to see that my hip and knee can take Read more

I killed them !

I am a runner. In a very official way. I have killed one pair of shoes. I started running with the FiveFingers as I said before, however in the winter I needed something else. The FiveFingers were nice but I would freeze my ass running in them, and I would have big pain in my feet. So I started thinking about a pair of running shoes. In the first moment I thought …oh God ! more things to buy. I have to say that living in Norway that is the first reaction that one has when it comes to shopping. Everything it´s expensive here. Anyway, going back to the running shoes. As I never thought about running, I also was Read more