Running loading … … … 15 %

I still haven´t finished the article about knee rehabilitation exercises. Kill me. Probably will not be done very soon. I am passing through another busy, frustrating, exhausting period in my life so writing was a bit left aside. I ran for the third time this month. 3 km again, and that puts me with a total of 8, 38 km. And an average pace of 7:31 min per km. I can give you all this information because last year  I received a very useful gift from my wife. A Garmin Forerunner 610, that was not used for it´s purpose since. But I can benefit now of all the reports and figures and plans and percentages that this gadget can show me. Read more

Rediscovering myself !

I suspect everyone heard about S&M, right ? And if by S&M you thought about Metallica´s album from 1999, together with San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, well … you’re wrong. I meant the other S&M, but more towards masochist side than to sado. Why do I say this ? It is because of me running in the most stupid moments. Started running this year in January. I had run through the winter. I was so dedicated that I haven’t missed a run till I got injured. I was quite happy even. Worse was the weather outside better I felt going running. It came the good weather … hmm… not so dedicated I tell you. 20 degrees outside and I would rather stay Read more

Training update !

As I mentioned in a previous article … I mean here, I have set my goals for this year for my running. Not  many races, though. The reason for no  many , to be honest, is the price. In Norway everything is expensive ! But I can do my training regardless of races. I have followed my training plan almost 80% till now and I am happy to say that the running drills and legs strength exercises are working. After second week of drills I notice a change in my running posture. I will keep doing it. Regarding intervals … hmmm … I am back at the chapter called pain. Oh does it hurt …I have done 2 sessions of intervals one Read more

21 of June 2014 ! Nordmarka Skogsmaraton !

So here we are. The marathon day. The long-awaited day had arrived. The long-awaited and feared day. I will not deny that I was nervous. I will also not deny that I was scared. Why ? Because as much as I wanted to keep cool and to say to myself that it is ok if I do not finish … at least I tried … next time will be better … bla bla … I knew that would not be good if I can´t finish. The secret wish went even further , so to finish in 6 hours or above that was also not really appealing to me. Recap : Started training on 4th of January. For 3 months had Read more

The Training or Pre Marathon Period !

Lets go back in to the moment 25 of December 2013 when the great and soon proved to be painful decision was taken. It went like this : I have a Norwegian friend. In order for us to be friends I have to pour huge quantities of alcohol in him as everybody knows how difficult  Norwegians are, right ? After millions of liters of beer and other Dionysiac liquors I showed him the Nordmarka Skogsmaraton website.  I have expressed my feelings about the marathon thinking that maybe in 1 or 2 years I will be able to run it. Considering that in November was first time I have ever managed to run 10 k connected without dying I thought I Read more