Hytteplanmila 2014

My first Hytteplanmila ever. And I can say that I like it. Hytte in norwegian means cottage. Just google it and in the image search you will find enough images to understand. Hytteplanmila takes place in a very nice scenery. Although is in October the weather was not so bad. Rainy and I would say below 10. From start till 4th km there is a slight uphill, very very gentle, followed by a downhill that puts you with speed. At 6 km the race is flat again and the only slight uphill that comes is in the last km culminating with the last 200 m where there is quite a climb. More about it on there website : http://www.hytteplanmila.no/index.htm . My race Read more


The technology arrived to my corner , finally ! I am writing from my phone so don’t mind the typos! The iMac is busy seeing a doctor house so I have to use the phone. Good news : I ran ! Bad news : I am as fast as an injured snail ! Good news : I like it even slow! Bad news : Hurts still. Different pain though. Good news : I can run with it. Conclusion : I am happy that I can run even slowly and with some pain. I will go to the doctor again and maybe get an x-ray ! Who knows , maybe it is just rust …

Rediscovering myself !

I suspect everyone heard about S&M, right ? And if by S&M you thought about Metallica´s album from 1999, together with San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, well … you’re wrong. I meant the other S&M, but more towards masochist side than to sado. Why do I say this ? It is because of me running in the most stupid moments. Started running this year in January. I had run through the winter. I was so dedicated that I haven’t missed a run till I got injured. I was quite happy even. Worse was the weather outside better I felt going running. It came the good weather … hmm… not so dedicated I tell you. 20 degrees outside and I would rather stay Read more

Training update !

As I mentioned in a previous article … I mean here, I have set my goals for this year for my running. Not  many races, though. The reason for no  many , to be honest, is the price. In Norway everything is expensive ! But I can do my training regardless of races. I have followed my training plan almost 80% till now and I am happy to say that the running drills and legs strength exercises are working. After second week of drills I notice a change in my running posture. I will keep doing it. Regarding intervals … hmmm … I am back at the chapter called pain. Oh does it hurt …I have done 2 sessions of intervals one Read more