Running is a drug.

I am just few days before my first race in almost 2 years. I started to run again in may this year, with a mere 27 km per month. I benefited from Paulo’s training plan and I trained with more sense than ever. I got to run almost at the same level as when I was training for the marathon. Even better I managed recently to improve my times for 1 km, 1 mile, 5 km and 10 km. Halfway through September I ran 100 km. I am becoming dependent on running for clearing my head and my thoughts. I feel the need of running when I get angry, and I feel the same need when I am happy.

3 weeks

3 weeks in my training plan made by Paulo from The Real Green Scene. I can see improvements. I managed to lower my 10k time from 58 to 53. I am now 3 min away from my PB from 2014. Of course it is not 100% coming from the training plan as I started training before, but it helped. I lost weight. I am now around 90 kg. Not sure how much, but trust me I know I lost weight. I am loosing my clothes on the street and I needed to punch an extra hole in my belt. I am more disciplined. Combined with the Aikido training twice a week in order for me to manage all my trainings Read more

The shit just got serious!

Pardon my french. I am in a period of intensive training. And I will develop this for you: Mondays: – strenght training. Warm up – 6 exercises – shoulder tolls, scapula push ups, shoulder dislocations, squat to stand and front and side kicks. The workout has 3 sets, each one of it has 2 exercises and the number of repetitions depends fully on me. I am focused on quality not quantity. Each set has to be done 4 times. After workout, 5 exercises of bodyline drills: plank, side plank, reverse plank, hollow hold and arch hold. Besides this, Mondays are part of my fasting diet. 36 hrs fasting. From Sunday evening till Tuesday morning. Tuesdays: – running. In here the type of running changes by week Read more

Tragedy !

Tragedy indeed. As it it, I am devastated. Yesterday, as I said, I went running. For the first time … remember ? For the first time this year, first time in Romania etc. I had in mind a slow pace … and as much as I can handle distance. I went out of my place, equipped, motivated, full of expectations. The run in itself went good. 10k at 6min/km pace. Finishing with a boost of energy. Where is the tragedy you might ask?

2016 … looking forward to see what you bring.

2016. Finally. I have been very anxious to see 2015 gone. In terms of running … actually in every area of my life 2015 has been a completely disaster. Personal, professional, health, running … you name it. Running, as that is the main area here, I can just say that I ran a total of about 127 km. That is all the year long. I started the year injured, and it last till June, when I finally was able to run some. I got another injury that kept me off in September. Restart running, get together with the running group from the gym, just to finish the year with another injury. So I am in a reset mode. Something went wrong Read more

Crazy People.

I am in my fourth week of gym. Till now looks good. I am rather broken on regular basis. I kind of start to enjoy it. I suspect myself of masochism. But there is something else I have to share. It is about running. Finally I started running again. Last year, in the middle of my training for the marathon, I had the luck of joining a great group of runners, SkiLøperne, and meeting them was the best thing that could happen to my running. As a matter of fact, for motivation reasons I am still a member of the group on Facebook so I can see what are they doing. The gym I subscribed here in Ponte de Lima, Read more

Why I want to race again !

I thought about it for a long time … while I was not running … if I should run in competition again, or I should  limit myself to just run from time to time. As I am quite competitive I made the decision that I will race again. Competitive this time just with me, but still competitive. I was thinking about it today and I reached a conclusion : without racing I will not try to go as fast as I can and than a bit faster. I will not strive run the same distance and than some more. I need this motivation that the competition gives me. And than, as I found out on my own skin how freaking Read more

My new best friend !

My new best friend´s name is : Routine ! Yes, routine. Which previously I was associating with boredom, it is now passing to the “best friend” category. In the last period I had a series of changes happening in my life, changes that made me come to this conclusion. Changes in life come with changes in habits. Changes in habits … well … break the routine and make running a bit more complicated, at least for me. But, what is done is done and I am falling again in a routine period. To support my new best friend I can say this : while training for the marathon, I have been a very good friend with the routine. Running in Read more

Realignment !

As I said, I have started my rehabilitation exercises. I don´t have to say they are boring. But, I am starting to see improvements ! The exercises that I am doing now are mainly for knee and hip. I am doing : hip hikes, straight leg raises, knee cap glides, side – lying leg lift, bridging, short arc quad sets. Not necessarily in this order. I am doing it for  about 10 days. I have a bigger list and I will add and remove exercises as I go. Before I started I analysed my feet, knees, legs in general. And I have noticed that my left foot has a tendency of pointing left. To be more accurate that means that my Read more

My first half marathon -Ørsjødilten

I ran a half marathon. I am not sure if I should put this race in DNF for a matter of fact. DNF stands for did not finished. But let me start with the beginning. The race was very nice. Organised somewhere around a lake at border with Sweden, local community, small number of participants, cosy, relaxed. Nice environment. The path : absolutely hell. Beautiful hell, indeed, but still hell. Strava gives me a 238 elevation, but judging by myself I reckon was more. The race put us trough some nice forest roads combined with trail parts. A bit in the style of Nordmarka Skogsmarathon but more trail involved. The weather was good, around 12 degrees, no rain but the Read more