Novemberflåset 2014

I need to put the year near the race name so I know which one I am talking about. I have closed one circle, running in the same race 2 years in a row. Novemberflåset is a very small race organised in Stromstad, Sweden. In 2013 I register in the 10 k without knowing if I can run 10k as I have never done it before. And I did it in 58:46. This year I had a clear objective to PR, which I have to say that I have failed miserably. The course was more difficult that I remember and now I know that I managed 50:56 in Hytteplanmila just because it is an easier race. Novemberflåset has a lot of Read more

SkiLøpet 2014 … even more photos!

More photos. Even more photos to come. I will not upload them here as I don´t think wordpress gives me that space … have no clue ! But the photos are being now selected and uploaded on SkiLøpet Facebook page ! Here ! Feel free to check the page, like it and check my photos ! SkiLøpet 2014 ! I had bigger emotions than I had at my first race ! I am happy I decided to participate and I am relieved  to see it went ok. SkiLøpet had a great answer from media and have been a great deal of people participating and having fun ! Which means that the plans are out for SkiLøpet 2015 ! Now you Read more

Racing !

The racing plans are getting in place. I am selecting carefully my races and I am now able to share some more info on this.It is good as I needed an objective to aim for ! 1.  Hytteplanmila 2014  – 18. October  (10 k) – registered  2. A certain trail run that I can´t seem to find the link just now ! Ross … help pls ! I think it was a trail run of aprox 13.5 k 3. Kaffedoppet Stromstad : ? November (10 k) – registration on the day 4. Meiamarathona Lisboa 2015 ! –  22. March 2015 – not registered yet !  5. Fjellmaraton 2015 – 30. May – REGISTERED !   For 2014 the races are just this ones. Read more