Baneasa Autumn trail run

Or as I call it: the first race in 1 year and 9 months, but who’s counting? I had some objectives. One of them was to have fun. I did. The second one was to finish in less than 48, at least 10 k in 48. I can forget about this objective. I did 54:24 and a 38 place general and 18th in my category. Was it good? Yes. Was I dumb? Yes. And apparently this becomes a habit. Not to be good, but me to be dumb. The start was separated on times, that we had to declare when we registered. And per my time I was in sector 1. So I started with the best. So I started fast. Read more

Why I want to race again !

I thought about it for a long time … while I was not running … if I should run in competition again, or I should  limit myself to just run from time to time. As I am quite competitive I made the decision that I will race again. Competitive this time just with me, but still competitive. I was thinking about it today and I reached a conclusion : without racing I will not try to go as fast as I can and than a bit faster. I will not strive run the same distance and than some more. I need this motivation that the competition gives me. And than, as I found out on my own skin how freaking Read more

My first half marathon -Ørsjødilten

I ran a half marathon. I am not sure if I should put this race in DNF for a matter of fact. DNF stands for did not finished. But let me start with the beginning. The race was very nice. Organised somewhere around a lake at border with Sweden, local community, small number of participants, cosy, relaxed. Nice environment. The path : absolutely hell. Beautiful hell, indeed, but still hell. Strava gives me a 238 elevation, but judging by myself I reckon was more. The race put us trough some nice forest roads combined with trail parts. A bit in the style of Nordmarka Skogsmarathon but more trail involved. The weather was good, around 12 degrees, no rain but the Read more

Dusting the camera !

I am a decent amateur photographer. I like to take photos, however I am aware than I will never be a good photographer.I don´t have the patience, nor the mind set on details, and I have for sure some issues with colours. More with nuances actually. So I will declare myself a decent amateur ! Some of my photos are in the page Photos !, some other photos you can see on my Flickr, while some other photos you will never see 🙂 ! My absolute favourite photo is this one : It was taken in the first months of living in Mozambique, in Nacala Porto, a city on coast of the Indian Ocean. First I saw the girl closer Read more

2 months to go !

Saturday 18th of October 2014 we run again ! First official race after the marathon. The race is called Hytteplanmila. More info, if you can deal with the Norwegian language are here ! I have a bunch of firsts with this race : – I am racing without Glenn, he is injured and at this moment does not know when he is going to run again 🙁 – I am racing registered as being a part of SkiLøperne running group ! We are 27 registered and the biggest team participating ! And we have t-shirts too ! – This will be the first race where I am aware of the PB (personal best) notion and I am going for a big improvement in Read more