Trial and error, 03-04.10.2016

One of the lessons I learned in the training period for Baneasa Trail was to keep a diary of my training. I already started my training period for the next race, which I consider to be the half marathon I will do in November. I already registered for another one, in October, on 22nd. But this one is more of a test, I am not having any objective. I need to test some gels, see how my body reacts to a half, hopefully my hip will not protest too much, and have fun. I thought a long time where to keep my training diary and than it struck me: I have a blog. I can keep it here. So here Read more

Several reasons of happiness

I am happy. For so many different reasons. First thing first: as you know, I mentioned it several times, I am volunteering for a trail competition. CiucasX3. In the weekend 10-11 september, I will be in one of the most remote checkpoints from Ciucas Mountains, where the runners from the ultra race (105 km) will pass. I might be moved from 1 checkpoint to the other, depending on the needs. So 2 week-ends till now I have participated in marking the path. First weekend for semi-marathon and last weekend the marathon. Which means that last Sunday and Saturday I had 50 km in the mountains marking the trail. Great weather, great company, and great feeling. I feel, after a long period Read more

Preparing for PR

My first ever race was last year in November. It was a 10k race in Sweden. Coincidentally it was also the first time ever I have managed to run 10k. . It set my first PR (personal record). 58:46. Since than I managed a 53:08 in Sentrumsløpet this spring, and a 50:56 in Hytteplanmila last month. So, being the last race this year I want to smash that 50 min barrier. Actually, because it is one year later, I want to go for 48:46 so I can say I have improved my time with 10 min in 1 year. However, 49:59 would also do it 🙂 And if the stars will align I will break it. I had a run Read more