Exciting times !

Not for my running but connected with running ! 10 days ago I have been the volunteer photographer for Skiløpet and from my point of view went very well. I have managed some good quality photos and the feedback was good also ! So, I am going to practice my photographic skills, this time involving some … video skills as well and on Saturday I will … not tell you what I am doing right now. I will keep you waiting till probably Sunday evening ! After a Saturday where I will spend some 2-3 hours taking pictures and filming, I will need some time to edit the materials. But will be nice ! I am so very excited about Read more

SkiLøpet 2014 … even more photos!

More photos. Even more photos to come. I will not upload them here as I don´t think wordpress gives me that space … have no clue ! But the photos are being now selected and uploaded on SkiLøpet Facebook page ! Here ! Feel free to check the page, like it and check my photos ! SkiLøpet 2014 ! I had bigger emotions than I had at my first race ! I am happy I decided to participate and I am relieved  to see it went ok. SkiLøpet had a great answer from media and have been a great deal of people participating and having fun ! Which means that the plans are out for SkiLøpet 2015 ! Now you Read more

New Page : Photos !

I have created the page Photos some time ago and I haven´t thought what exactly I am going to do with it. I create it because my wife´s feedback was : ” Why don´t you do something with some of your photos ? Maybe you should create a photo page something there  …” So I did. If the wife said so … who am I to argue with her ? However, I just left there the photos that I originally updated on the blog. Today, in a stroke of genius I have decided that I am going to create galleries of photos from our voyages ! I started with Mozambique, and I will continue with others. While I am not Read more