Preparing for the race !

I am very happy to be a part of the race tomorrow. Skiløpet is the first race I am on the other side of the barricades. While there are almost 1000 people preparing their gear for either the 10 k or the 5 k, I am also preparing my gear.   I am very curious and excited in the same time. I have read about running photography and how I should prepare everything, and looking forward for tomorrow ! Good luck to all runners there ! I will do my best to get your good side tomorrow !  

New Page : Photos !

I have created the page Photos some time ago and I haven´t thought what exactly I am going to do with it. I create it because my wife´s feedback was : ” Why don´t you do something with some of your photos ? Maybe you should create a photo page something there  …” So I did. If the wife said so … who am I to argue with her ? However, I just left there the photos that I originally updated on the blog. Today, in a stroke of genius I have decided that I am going to create galleries of photos from our voyages ! I started with Mozambique, and I will continue with others. While I am not Read more