I have the heart for it !

Mid way through my technical inspection I have found out one thing : I have the heart for running I am missing the legs for it. Yesterday I´ve done my cardiac stress test and it went good. I am cleared by the cardiolog to run as much as my legs can take me. Which is not that much at this moment. I have complained so much of my PFPS ( runners knee) that took my 6 months to recover. I ran 2 months and I got into another one. This time my right foot, after a certain number of km´s starts to get numb. The main problem is that the number of km´s it is getting smaller and smaller by Read more

Realignment !

As I said, I have started my rehabilitation exercises. I don´t have to say they are boring. But, I am starting to see improvements ! The exercises that I am doing now are mainly for knee and hip. I am doing : hip hikes, straight leg raises, knee cap glides, side – lying leg lift, bridging, short arc quad sets. Not necessarily in this order. I am doing it for  about 10 days. I have a bigger list and I will add and remove exercises as I go. Before I started I analysed my feet, knees, legs in general. And I have noticed that my left foot has a tendency of pointing left. To be more accurate that means that my Read more

Nothing much !

I started my process of knee rehabilitation. Which means alignment and strengthening. I have a small list of 10 exercise that I have to do and are dealing with the knee, the VMO ( Vastus Medialis Obliquus ) muscle , and the hip muscles. In other words : nothing much. Although I am looking forward to run again, at this moment there is a fight going on in my head. The fight is against the boring rehabilitation process. All the exercises are boring. And the process itself it is slow and graduate and I must be careful not to overdo ( which is one of my main traits ). Some years ago I would have said : patience and tobacco Read more

Knee alignment

Since I got my diagnosis I started searching more things regarding patellofemoral pain syndrome, knee alignment, and body posture in general. Which I always knew that it is important. But I was looking at it as important for improving performance, never looked at it in the way poor body performance = injuries. I am no expert, and probably there are people that might argue with me on the affirmation that knee alignment is related with poor body posture. However I am looking at it from the point of view that if you have a knee unaligned, your leg will hurt in a certain position. Your body will try to compensate that certain pain and will alter its posture. As it Read more

New news and PFPS !

I have new news that I will not share today. A lot have been happening since last post. Life as an emigrant is not easy and it can be impredictable. But about that later on. As I had no time to see a physiotherapist, and I am quite curious  I had to read more about this PFPS thing. And I have found quite good articles about it. So, if you allow me to present the PFPS ! Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a general term that describes pain in the knee, more exactly at the front of the knee. Reasons to get it : overuse of the knee, problems in the knee´s alignment which may cause the patella to rub on the Read more

New day, new week, new doctor, new disease* !

Yesterday I was looking at the piece of iceskating rink that is my backyard and I was thinking what sort of tool I can use to break the 15 cm layer of ice that formed this year … I also looked at the sky,  to the weather forecast on long term and than took my snow boots to the storage. Big mistake. I had to bring it back today, as we have a  new & wet layer of snow of  about 30 cm. Which makes my problem with the ice a bit redundant. This is a sort of “Welcome to Norway” delayed. Last winter was rather mild and had no snow almost. This winter… I am a bit sick of it. Read more