PR. As simple as that.

Put on  We are the champions and start reading. At least this is what I am listening while writing and this is how I feel now. My first 10k happened to be during a race. My first race. Novemberflåset 2013, in Stromstad, Sweden. 59 min. I was running for about 2 months, but never made it quite to 10. 7 was max. I ran it in my FiveFingers. During 2014 I had Sentrumsløpet with an official result of 53:08. In October 2014 I had Hytteplanmila, one of the nicest races I had ever run. Here I had my PR with 50:56, that lasted till Monday, 29th of August 2016,  when I managed 50:43. Today, I went out with a strong motivation, stronger Read more

Preparing for PR

My first ever race was last year in November. It was a 10k race in Sweden. Coincidentally it was also the first time ever I have managed to run 10k. . It set my first PR (personal record). 58:46. Since than I managed a 53:08 in Sentrumsløpet this spring, and a 50:56 in Hytteplanmila last month. So, being the last race this year I want to smash that 50 min barrier. Actually, because it is one year later, I want to go for 48:46 so I can say I have improved my time with 10 min in 1 year. However, 49:59 would also do it 🙂 And if the stars will align I will break it. I had a run Read more