I am back!

In the last 2 weeks, less than 2 weeks actually I have done more sports than in the last 6 months. Apparently coming back home was good. For a long period of time I was afraid to go out and run because one of the injuries that I was suspected of was Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis. Which would have been bad. That is why I was insisting to wait till I do a MR to my hip. But dealing with the medical system in Romania is not that easy and they managed to get me out of my nerves. I am still not registered in the system, and last experience that I had with them made me go on the streets Read more

I have the heart for it !

Mid way through my technical inspection I have found out one thing : I have the heart for running I am missing the legs for it. Yesterday I´ve done my cardiac stress test and it went good. I am cleared by the cardiolog to run as much as my legs can take me. Which is not that much at this moment. I have complained so much of my PFPS ( runners knee) that took my 6 months to recover. I ran 2 months and I got into another one. This time my right foot, after a certain number of km´s starts to get numb. The main problem is that the number of km´s it is getting smaller and smaller by Read more