Beyond the training plan

I am in full process of developing my training plan for the marathon. I enjoy doing this and reading about different types of training and what I should use and when and why. It is very interesting. If my training plan is good or bad , that is  another story. But there is one thing to build a training plan and you need something else to actually implement it. Why am I saying that ? Because training for a marathon it is not easy. And should not be easy. In my opinion if it is easy your are not doing enough. It means that you should train harder. I trained for one marathon and I know how much motivation I Read more

Training plans !

To meet my running goals for next year, which are not 100 % set, I need to think about my training. I say not 100% as I am still considering a race or 2, and I am still considering my goals per each race. For Nordmarka Skogsmaraton 2014 I had developed my own training plan. The training plan was roughly 6 months and had 3 training days a week : 1 shorter run, 1 longer run, 1 strength. Being an absolute beginner, that could barely run 10k, my first weeks were building on 10k. I started with shorter 5 k, longer 7k for 2 weeks and gradually increased the distance till I reached shorter run of 15 and longer run Read more