PR. As simple as that.

Put on  We are the champions and start reading. At least this is what I am listening while writing and this is how I feel now. My first 10k happened to be during a race. My first race. Novemberflåset 2013, in Stromstad, Sweden. 59 min. I was running for about 2 months, but never made it quite to 10. 7 was max. I ran it in my FiveFingers. During 2014 I had Sentrumsløpet with an official result of 53:08. In October 2014 I had Hytteplanmila, one of the nicest races I had ever run. Here I had my PR with 50:56, that lasted till Monday, 29th of August 2016,  when I managed 50:43. Today, I went out with a strong motivation, stronger Read more

2 months to go !

Saturday 18th of October 2014 we run again ! First official race after the marathon. The race is called Hytteplanmila. More info, if you can deal with the Norwegian language are here ! I have a bunch of firsts with this race : – I am racing without Glenn, he is injured and at this moment does not know when he is going to run again 🙁 – I am racing registered as being a part of SkiLøperne running group ! We are 27 registered and the biggest team participating ! And we have t-shirts too ! – This will be the first race where I am aware of the PB (personal best) notion and I am going for a big improvement in Read more