My first half marathon -Ørsjødilten

I ran a half marathon. I am not sure if I should put this race in DNF for a matter of fact. DNF stands for did not finished. But let me start with the beginning. The race was very nice. Organised somewhere around a lake at border with Sweden, local community, small number of participants, cosy, relaxed. Nice environment. The path : absolutely hell. Beautiful hell, indeed, but still hell. Strava gives me a 238 elevation, but judging by myself I reckon was more. The race put us trough some nice forest roads combined with trail parts. A bit in the style of Nordmarka Skogsmarathon but more trail involved. The weather was good, around 12 degrees, no rain but the Read more

Best run ever !

Trail runs forever ! Trail runs are so cool ! Trail runs are the best ! As you can see I am a bit excited! Sunday I just had the best run of my life ! We went to visit our friends in Halden and I took the opportunity to go for a run with the famous Norwegian friend that I talked before. The one and only … Glenn ! I will tell you more about him at some point. Around Halden they have very nice forests and we had a great day as we haven’t met anyone on the trails! Why is trail running so nice ? Well, do you remember that I have mentioned in an article that Read more