3 weeks

3 weeks in my training plan made by Paulo from The Real Green Scene. I can see improvements. I managed to lower my 10k time from 58 to 53. I am now 3 min away from my PB from 2014. Of course it is not 100% coming from the training plan as I started training before, but it helped. I lost weight. I am now around 90 kg. Not sure how much, but trust me I know I lost weight. I am loosing my clothes on the street and I needed to punch an extra hole in my belt. I am more disciplined. Combined with the Aikido training twice a week in order for me to manage all my trainings Read more

Paulo says, part 2

As I said in previous article, I have a more professional approach to running and I reached out to my friend Paulo, to help me out regain my form. In between us here, running now after so long, and seeing that I can´t maintain 5:30/km for more than 2-3 km, thinking that while in Norway 5:30 was the pace I was relaxing in, it is rather frustrating. But, if life taught me something, and it did, it is to take it slowly. And pick my fights as some good friend of mine would tell. So, I asked Paulo, and him, being at the beginning of his road as nutritionist, personal trainer, said: yes, you can be my guinea pig. I Read more

Paulo says!

I know it was Simon, but he is busy with other stuff. I am working with Paulo. Let me first introduce to you my Portuguese friend. I have a Norwegian friend that I have presented in the beginning and now it is time for my Portuguese friend. He is Paulo Buchinho. The guy behind The Real Green Scene. I met Paulo in Norway, while we were both trying to learn Norwegian. Meanwhile I don´t have to try, while he still is having headaches because of Norwegian lessons. Anyway, leaving aside how we met, we kept contact since. That was in the beginning of 2015 , when I was not running due to my injury. By the time we met, Paulo Read more

Bucharest !

I used to live in the capital city of Romania back in 2006-2007. I enjoyed it, sort of, but not fully. I am back in Bucharest, since mid last month and I am now 100% here. Body, spirit and luggage. I got a new job, working for a company where I have the chance to grow professionaly and personally as well. I will mention them later in a special post. Next steps : -Register to a doctor, do a MR to my hip and figure out what is wrong.