I am not running.

I am not running. I am getting close to be 2 weeks since last time when I ran. As you can imagine my training plan is ruined and on 18th of October when I will run Hytteplanmila I can forget about improving my time. What happened ? Well, I think all together … life happened ! Injury, things to do in the house … we are moving soon … course … I started a course and that takes a lot of my time now … and I can´t ever forget that we are rehabilitating a dog. And the dog demands a lot of our time. So all together … I could not run. And I get sad. I am sad Read more

Me and running !

I have been fascinated with running for a long time. Not with the asphalt running but trail, nature, mountain running. I would look to an image of a forest or whatever other nature image and instantly the thought that pops up in my head is how fast I can go from one point to another inside that scenery photo. This has been with me since a kid. Also, since I was a kid I had denied it. Because I was never able to run properly. I would develop some sort of pain after distances bigger than 1 or 2 km. Either the knees, or the kidneys region or the lungs or all together. So I never ran. I did tried. Read more