Dealing with a long term injury

My running has been like a roller coaster in the last period. Started running again in may, went good-ish all the way to mid September when I went to deal with my hip. Hip hip – hurray! I can say that, considering that first time I had to stop running was 27th of December 2014, I have a long term injury. During the last period I improved my 10k time, twice, from 50 to 46. Consequently improving 5k, 3k, 1k, and half marathon distance. Stopped for a while after Baneasa Trail Run, to take on therapy for realigning my hip. When aloud to run again did 55 km in 3 days. And had a relapse at my knee. Pain, discomfort. Read more

PR. As simple as that.

Put on  We are the champions and start reading. At least this is what I am listening while writing and this is how I feel now. My first 10k happened to be during a race. My first race. Novemberflåset 2013, in Stromstad, Sweden. 59 min. I was running for about 2 months, but never made it quite to 10. 7 was max. I ran it in my FiveFingers. During 2014 I had Sentrumsløpet with an official result of 53:08. In October 2014 I had Hytteplanmila, one of the nicest races I had ever run. Here I had my PR with 50:56, that lasted till Monday, 29th of August 2016,  when I managed 50:43. Today, I went out with a strong motivation, stronger Read more

Several reasons of happiness

I am happy. For so many different reasons. First thing first: as you know, I mentioned it several times, I am volunteering for a trail competition. CiucasX3. In the weekend 10-11 september, I will be in one of the most remote checkpoints from Ciucas Mountains, where the runners from the ultra race (105 km) will pass. I might be moved from 1 checkpoint to the other, depending on the needs. So 2 week-ends till now I have participated in marking the path. First weekend for semi-marathon and last weekend the marathon. Which means that last Sunday and Saturday I had 50 km in the mountains marking the trail. Great weather, great company, and great feeling. I feel, after a long period Read more

Vibram FiveFingers review

  I am using Vibram FiveFingers since 2012 so I am entitled to have an opinion about it. Actually the  FiveFingers in the photo are the ones I have bought in 2012. Why I bought such thing? I don´t know. I was in Mozambique, having money and not having where to spend it. So, given the fact I had some canadians colleagues I was ordering trough them from a sports shop and they would bring it to me in Mozambique when they would come from their vacations. Like this I ordered Vibram FiveFingers, a 80l backpack, another 30l backpack, a multi-functional tool etc Anyway, the only reason I got the FiveFingers was because I needed some beach shoes and this Read more

Gym and stuff !

I am in my second week of gym. My training plan includes 4 session per week and looks like this : 15 min treadmill + 3 x ( sets of 8 different exercises with 15 repetitions ) + 10 min bicycle. The intensity is set to high, I have just 1 min rest in between the sets of 8 exercises and trying not to rest in between the exercises itself. The weights are adjusted to maximum load I can work with whilst doing it correctly. The result is : I am hurting all over ! And I am loosing weight, as this is my objective till 5th of December, when I will have another evaluation and hopefully I can change my Read more

Racing !

The racing plans are getting in place. I am selecting carefully my races and I am now able to share some more info on this.It is good as I needed an objective to aim for ! 1.  Hytteplanmila 2014  – 18. October  (10 k) – registered  2. A certain trail run that I can´t seem to find the link just now ! Ross … help pls ! I think it was a trail run of aprox 13.5 k 3. Kaffedoppet Stromstad : ? November (10 k) – registration on the day 4. Meiamarathona Lisboa 2015 ! –  22. March 2015 – not registered yet !  5. Fjellmaraton 2015 – 30. May – REGISTERED !   For 2014 the races are just this ones. Read more