Chronic stupidity

In the last period I have been asked several times by several people how to start running, or how to get better at it. Mostly my colleagues. And my answer is always the same: start small, set objectives, be consistent AND … the most important do not push, do not expect results over night, do not over train, do not run every day at the beginning, especially if you first have some kilograms to loose etc etc etc. You risk an injury. And after I say all this I tell them how I got injured in the first place.  My injury is more complex, but still, overdoing it has something to do with it. So technically I know it. I Read more

Restart, reset …re all !

I have the clearance from the medic to start training again. Heart is good, the legs are not that good but working on. As 2015 was a horrible year and I don´t want to make it even worse I have decided to have a more professional approach. So I am taking advantage that I am in walking distance to Clube Náutico De Ponte De Lima in the oldest village in Portugal, and I am going to the gym. Nautical Club is where some of the most successful  Portuguese rowing athletes train. So there facilities and personnel are quite competent. Therefore, I decided that gym can do just good for me at this moment and I can start with a training program to Read more

Preparing for 10 k

By mid August I will try to test my knee for a 10k run. Yes ! I have an objective and I can train for it. In the previous post I talked about routine as a best friend. However, routine without the help of objectives doesn´t do the trick, at least for me. I need to have objectives, so the routine gains a justification. I ran 20 km overall in June, after 6 months of break. At this moment, 25th of July I am at 15 km and will probably reach 20 or a bit above. My longest run was 6.5 and went good. My pace for 5k is 6.22 min / km which is quite slow, but I am grateful Read more

Running loading … … … 15 %

I still haven´t finished the article about knee rehabilitation exercises. Kill me. Probably will not be done very soon. I am passing through another busy, frustrating, exhausting period in my life so writing was a bit left aside. I ran for the third time this month. 3 km again, and that puts me with a total of 8, 38 km. And an average pace of 7:31 min per km. I can give you all this information because last year  I received a very useful gift from my wife. A Garmin Forerunner 610, that was not used for it´s purpose since. But I can benefit now of all the reports and figures and plans and percentages that this gadget can show me. Read more


2,37 ! That is the magical number ! 2,37 represents how many kilometers I have ran from the beginning of the year ! Last year by this time I was tapering for Nordmarka Skogsmaraton. This year I have just started running. Yesterday was a gift for the inner child. 2,37 km, not in 1 piece but with breaks and a general pace of 7:58 min/km. I am laughing at this pace , but in the same time I am quite happy. I will tell you why : I started running almost 2 years ago. Not quite 2 but almost. Before that, to run 2 km was a dream. Now I am running 2 km, even in a such a lousy pace Read more


The technology arrived to my corner , finally ! I am writing from my phone so don’t mind the typos! The iMac is busy seeing a doctor house so I have to use the phone. Good news : I ran ! Bad news : I am as fast as an injured snail ! Good news : I like it even slow! Bad news : Hurts still. Different pain though. Good news : I can run with it. Conclusion : I am happy that I can run even slowly and with some pain. I will go to the doctor again and maybe get an x-ray ! Who knows , maybe it is just rust …