My Odyssey, part IV

After many days of travelling trough Mozambique, buying and fixing a car, adopting a dog, going back to Maputo after car stopped in the middle of nowhere and fixing the car ( or at least that is what I thought ), I arrived again to the middle of nowhere ( apparently they have many middles of nowhere in Mozambique) and the apprentice that was with me was saying that we might have lions there ! For some of you that might ask why I kept going, why I did not return the car and so on … I have to tell you that in Mozambique if you bought it you bought it. Warranty ? Do not make me laugh. In Read more

My Odyssey, part II

I arrived to Maputo. Here I left the story. After travelling for almost 2 days, I have finally arrived to Maputo, Mozambique’s capital. I was quite tired so I haven´t lost any time and went straight to my room. I had an appointment set for later in the day to see the car. Before meeting the Kenyan couple I had another meeting. I was to meet S. A Romanian living in Maputo for 6 years. I met him through internet, some expat online forum and for a period he became my protector. I am not overreacting, as without this guy and his willingness to help I would have been quite in deep sh*t! But lets carry on. Just keep in mind Read more

Not a running article

Good evening ! Out of sheer boredom and because I have mentioned that I lived at some point in Africa, and because I have some time on my own now and went through some photos, I have made a small … slide show. I am also using this post as a part of my calibration. Meaning I am trying to see when should I post to get most attention. Therefor … The photos were taken during a safari in Botswana. We went there in October 2012 and we had a fantastic week of Wildlife Tracking through the savanna! I am still a marathon runner but from time will go back to the past and get this type of things. The Read more