Non running related plans !

As I wrote earlier, the blog it is growing. Apparently I might be doing something right. We came close to 1000 views per month in September and that is very motivating for myself. You have seen that it is not just the running, it is also about me, and the projects I get involved. And at this moment I see some very interesting times coming next year, for running and not only. I also need another space for me to post all the videos and photos I am taking. I just got myself a gopro so it is expected the quantity of videos to soon increase. And last but not least, as I am looking forward to next year I Read more

Good september !

September was a good month. Not in running but running related projects as well as traffic on the blog. I have managed to get double the maximum number of views per month till september ! Quite nice ! First it was Skiløpet on 6th and than was the series with Nils from 100k for the Arctic ! Soon running will start again. Hytteplanmilla on 18th, and as soon as our life gets into routines again I will start running. I need routine as we are dealing with a dog that it is being rehabilitated as we speak. Soon some other projects will appear and some more videos as well. The Gopro people just launched GoPro 4, and I managed to Read more

I am alive !

Therefor I am not dead. We had a lot of stuff to do with the moving. I had not time to finish the 100k for Arctic episodes and probably I will do that today. Not that it matters for the fundraising but I just want to finish and close the chapter. We moved. We are happy we did so. Although small issues are appearing and probably will appear … but we are better off here. Soon I will start exploring Østmarka (our neighbour) and I will also start training. So keep close, later today the last 2 episodes from Nils´s epic struggle ! Later on this week first movies with me getting lost in the forest around the house 🙂 Read more

I am not running.

I am not running. I am getting close to be 2 weeks since last time when I ran. As you can imagine my training plan is ruined and on 18th of October when I will run Hytteplanmila I can forget about improving my time. What happened ? Well, I think all together … life happened ! Injury, things to do in the house … we are moving soon … course … I started a course and that takes a lot of my time now … and I can´t ever forget that we are rehabilitating a dog. And the dog demands a lot of our time. So all together … I could not run. And I get sad. I am sad Read more

The wall !

Nope, not the famous wall while running a marathon but a wall that I do not know how to name. I guess the proper name would be post marathon depression. So how does this work ? Well, I can´t run. Since 21 of June, the day of the marathon I ran a 4.6 km on 22, a 13.3 on 28 and yesterday I had my first attempt on some intervals with the runners from SkiLøperne. I had to give up. I had a 4.4 warm up which went ok and during the intervals I had to stop. Why I had to stop ? I felt tired, physically and mentally. Could not get the motivation to continue. Felt a bit weird Read more

Run a marathon they said …

It will be fun they said … if you are masochist, yes, but apparently that was kept a secret. I think there was some guy that wrote a book on how we are Born to run …or something similar, is not it? Well, if we are born to run, than with me the pattern broke as I feel much more born to sit on the sofa and drink beer ! I am just joking … or maybe not ! Yes, I have just finished my first marathon. Yes, this is quite an important achievement for me. Yes, I am very happy and proud of myself. Yes, every muscle and bone in my body hurts. Yes, I will do it again. Read more