Trial and error, 10.10

Today’s training was difficult. I came after a weekend spent at my parents house where I just ate and slept. So today in the morning I was a bit …hmmm. Not interested in going out. But I did. I planned to change my training from last week. Last week I did jog+strength+jog Monday and intervals on Tuesday, at the end of the 36 hrs of fasting. This week I moved the intervals on Monday, and I will leave for tomorrow the strength. My plan is during Monday’s to alternate different types of intervals. 10x1km, 3x4km, 3x6x400m and so on. And in time will be able to appreciate the progress. Or lack of it. Today for example I felt slow and Read more

Busy calendar

And I like it. Since I received green light from my doctor, Vasile Osean from MedySportLine, it seems like races are coming to me. I was thinking at Sugas Race and Mountain Marathon Rafael. Actually I was thinking to choose in between them. I already had 1 half planned for the end of November, and thought that 1 before could help. Sugas was a bit out, but I decided to ask if they need volunteers. And they need. And while I was speaking with one of the organisers, I asked if as volunteer I can run also. And I can. So I will.  Sugas has 2 days, run and bike, where running has 2 distances: 17 and 24 km. I Read more

Trial and error, 05.10 Training

After 04.10 when I went for a long run and came back with a PB for 10 k, yesterday I decided to go for a longer run. I calculated it should be 22 from my house, 3 rounds around the lake, back home. The lake has 6, till the lake 2 back from lake 2. Was not exactly 22. I got a half marathon distance. 21, 12 km. A bit more than a half, with about 30m. Good training. As I started running I felt not very good. Pain in the knee, pain in the hip. After 3 km I thought I might have to settle with the regular 10 and call the day. After the 7th km I started Read more

Training period & race day lessons

What did I learned? Main thing is that I am still dumb. That being said, I can continue. I had 12 weeks of training, which finished with the race day. My objective was below 50 initially, transformed in below 48, after I managed to lower my 10k time to 48 in one training session. I finished in 54,24. What went wrong? Well, after I judged at cold, I would say … besides my race strategy, nothing. I am capable in ideal conditions to lower my time, and I am able to finish 10.5 km below 48. Just in the race, those were not ideal conditions, and when setting my objective I did not considered that. Why I say those are Read more

12 weeks. Thoughts about running & racing.

Actually was a bit more than 12 weeks. I restarted running on 25th of May, after a break of 6 months, that came after another break of 3 months. 2015 was a disastrous  year with 128 km in total. On 25th of May 2016 I decided to give it another try and I ran 10k in 64 min. I ran on my own, alternating training strength with running till the end of July when I started after Paulo’s plan. 12 weeks, strength, running, diet. In June I started my fasting diet, and kept it very strict. At the beginning I was fasting just every other week, but with July I did 36 hrs weekly. My training plan made by Paulo Read more

Nothing much !

I started my process of knee rehabilitation. Which means alignment and strengthening. I have a small list of 10 exercise that I have to do and are dealing with the knee, the VMO ( Vastus Medialis Obliquus ) muscle , and the hip muscles. In other words : nothing much. Although I am looking forward to run again, at this moment there is a fight going on in my head. The fight is against the boring rehabilitation process. All the exercises are boring. And the process itself it is slow and graduate and I must be careful not to overdo ( which is one of my main traits ). Some years ago I would have said : patience and tobacco Read more


My 2015 for running is not looking good. I already changed my subscription for Fjellmaraton to 2016, and it looks like Lisbon Half Marathon is out of the question. As I have a lot of family in the 7 km race I might try to accompany them there. Especially as it is my goddaughter´s first race ! I hope I can do the 7 km so I can run with her. Besides that … the knee does not hurt so bad now and it is not swollen anymore, however I am not feeling it good. I trust him not. That is because it might not hurt now but suddenly I can feel something like a pointy metal rod passing trough Read more

Merry Christmas !

Unusually … in Norway around Christmas period it is cold. And dark. And cold. And dark. I just past trough my first beginning of a depression caused by the lack of sunlight. Apparently emigrants get this quite often. I thought that I might escape it but I did not. We had some weeks with bad weather that culminated with me locked in the house for a couple of days due to a beginning of  a cold. The lack of sun got me depressed, without energy … sad … sick … and I was cold also to make things better. Like any other man, when I get a bit sick it is the end of the world. I will die and Read more

Training plans !

To meet my running goals for next year, which are not 100 % set, I need to think about my training. I say not 100% as I am still considering a race or 2, and I am still considering my goals per each race. For Nordmarka Skogsmaraton 2014 I had developed my own training plan. The training plan was roughly 6 months and had 3 training days a week : 1 shorter run, 1 longer run, 1 strength. Being an absolute beginner, that could barely run 10k, my first weeks were building on 10k. I started with shorter 5 k, longer 7k for 2 weeks and gradually increased the distance till I reached shorter run of 15 and longer run Read more

Dry season is over !

Finally. Dry season is officially over for me. Had my first run in Ytre Enebakk and felt great. Was a 7 km around the town … or should I say village ? … and I just took it easy. Stopped to check some future running paths and also tested the gopro. Some photos will appear on the Facebook page and maybe if I have time a movies. I´ve started the week with some strength training, focusing especially on my feet and core and I am glad to see that I had no pain in right foot so I think I am injury free at this moment. Looking forward for Hytteplanmila, where I go with the sole objective of having fun Read more