July !

Second month of running over. June´s figures were 19.59 km while in July I managed to run 40.95 km. Longest run was 10k, and I managed twice with no real issues for the knee. For the moment I am at 68 min per 10k, which is just 18 min away from my PR. I tried my forces for 5k and I managed a 31:51, and that is just about 8 min slower than what I was doing before. I did mentioned in previous articles that I am passing trough some changes in my life, therefore routine it is not yet achievable 100%, I can´t set real number to run per month. What I can set is the lower limit. And Read more

Dusting the camera !

I am a decent amateur photographer. I like to take photos, however I am aware than I will never be a good photographer.I don´t have the patience, nor the mind set on details, and I have for sure some issues with colours. More with nuances actually. So I will declare myself a decent amateur ! Some of my photos are in the page Photos !, some other photos you can see on my Flickr, while some other photos you will never see 🙂 ! My absolute favourite photo is this one : It was taken in the first months of living in Mozambique, in Nacala Porto, a city on coast of the Indian Ocean. First I saw the girl closer Read more