Novemberflåset 2014

I need to put the year near the race name so I know which one I am talking about. I have closed one circle, running in the same race 2 years in a row. Novemberflåset is a very small race organised in Stromstad, Sweden. In 2013 I register in the 10 k without knowing if I can run 10k as I have never done it before. And I did it in 58:46. This year I had a clear objective to PR, which I have to say that I have failed miserably. The course was more difficult that I remember and now I know that I managed 50:56 in Hytteplanmila just because it is an easier race. Novemberflåset has a lot of Read more

Preparing for PR

My first ever race was last year in November. It was a 10k race in Sweden. Coincidentally it was also the first time ever I have managed to run 10k. . It set my first PR (personal record). 58:46. Since than I managed a 53:08 in Sentrumsløpet this spring, and a 50:56 in Hytteplanmila last month. So, being the last race this year I want to smash that 50 min barrier. Actually, because it is one year later, I want to go for 48:46 so I can say I have improved my time with 10 min in 1 year. However, 49:59 would also do it 🙂 And if the stars will align I will break it. I had a run Read more

Hytteplanmila 2014

My first Hytteplanmila ever. And I can say that I like it. Hytte in norwegian means cottage. Just google it and in the image search you will find enough images to understand. Hytteplanmila takes place in a very nice scenery. Although is in October the weather was not so bad. Rainy and I would say below 10. From start till 4th km there is a slight uphill, very very gentle, followed by a downhill that puts you with speed. At 6 km the race is flat again and the only slight uphill that comes is in the last km culminating with the last 200 m where there is quite a climb. More about it on there website : . My race Read more

I am not running.

I am not running. I am getting close to be 2 weeks since last time when I ran. As you can imagine my training plan is ruined and on 18th of October when I will run Hytteplanmila I can forget about improving my time. What happened ? Well, I think all together … life happened ! Injury, things to do in the house … we are moving soon … course … I started a course and that takes a lot of my time now … and I can´t ever forget that we are rehabilitating a dog. And the dog demands a lot of our time. So all together … I could not run. And I get sad. I am sad Read more

Dusting the camera !

I am a decent amateur photographer. I like to take photos, however I am aware than I will never be a good photographer.I don´t have the patience, nor the mind set on details, and I have for sure some issues with colours. More with nuances actually. So I will declare myself a decent amateur ! Some of my photos are in the page Photos !, some other photos you can see on my Flickr, while some other photos you will never see 🙂 ! My absolute favourite photo is this one : It was taken in the first months of living in Mozambique, in Nacala Porto, a city on coast of the Indian Ocean. First I saw the girl closer Read more

2 months to go !

Saturday 18th of October 2014 we run again ! First official race after the marathon. The race is called Hytteplanmila. More info, if you can deal with the Norwegian language are here ! I have a bunch of firsts with this race : – I am racing without Glenn, he is injured and at this moment does not know when he is going to run again 🙁 – I am racing registered as being a part of SkiLøperne running group ! We are 27 registered and the biggest team participating ! And we have t-shirts too ! – This will be the first race where I am aware of the PB (personal best) notion and I am going for a big improvement in Read more

Training update !

As I mentioned in a previous article … I mean here, I have set my goals for this year for my running. Not  many races, though. The reason for no  many , to be honest, is the price. In Norway everything is expensive ! But I can do my training regardless of races. I have followed my training plan almost 80% till now and I am happy to say that the running drills and legs strength exercises are working. After second week of drills I notice a change in my running posture. I will keep doing it. Regarding intervals … hmmm … I am back at the chapter called pain. Oh does it hurt …I have done 2 sessions of intervals one Read more

Future plans and training program

Hitting the wall after the marathon made me reconsider some plans. Secret plans that is, but still plans. I will not change anything in my goals till the end of the year, so I will work to improve my 10 k time. After the running experience I had on Sunday I also want to get more trail under my feet. Ok, lets talk numbers than. My PB for 10 k is 53.08 set in April in a race in Oslo. Before than my PB was 58:46, set in November 2013 in Sweden ( my first ever race ). My goal for the rest of the year is to lower my time till 45 min. In terms of races I will Read more

Post marathon and plans !

So here I am writing again. I have even shared my blog on Facebook and again I have to admit that I was a bit scared of that. Writing this blog I start to see that I am kind of chicken … I was afraid to run, afraid to post on Facebook ! Anyway, the reaction was nice and encouraging so I will keep on writing. Good. That being said I will carry on as a real marathon runner like myself would do (insert full of myself emoticon). Post marathon. This period started as soon as I stopped running. I went to pick up my mug received at the end, had some water and some more water and then started searching for Read more