Several reasons of happiness

I am happy. For so many different reasons. First thing first: as you know, I mentioned it several times, I am volunteering for a trail competition. CiucasX3. In the weekend 10-11 september, I will be in one of the most remote checkpoints from Ciucas Mountains, where the runners from the ultra race (105 km) will pass. I might be moved from 1 checkpoint to the other, depending on the needs. So 2 week-ends till now I have participated in marking the path. First weekend for semi-marathon and last weekend the marathon. Which means that last Sunday and Saturday I had 50 km in the mountains marking the trail. Great weather, great company, and great feeling. I feel, after a long period Read more

Hello soreness my old friend!

I had prepared 2 articles. 1 about the weekend and my trip to Ciucas mountains where I went to see the half marathon path, from Ciucas X3. The other was about how do I feel at week 8 from my training program. I don´t need an article to say that I can just mention it in 1 word: DUMB. I feel dumb and sore. At CiucasX3 , where I am volunteering and by the way … if anyone that runs the ultra version, which is 105 km, in the most remote corner of your path, somewhere far far far away, there I will be to cheer you up, and kind of that is it. The place is so far away Read more

3 weeks

3 weeks in my training plan made by Paulo from The Real Green Scene. I can see improvements. I managed to lower my 10k time from 58 to 53. I am now 3 min away from my PB from 2014. Of course it is not 100% coming from the training plan as I started training before, but it helped. I lost weight. I am now around 90 kg. Not sure how much, but trust me I know I lost weight. I am loosing my clothes on the street and I needed to punch an extra hole in my belt. I am more disciplined. Combined with the Aikido training twice a week in order for me to manage all my trainings Read more

The shit just got serious!

Pardon my french. I am in a period of intensive training. And I will develop this for you: Mondays: – strenght training. Warm up – 6 exercises – shoulder tolls, scapula push ups, shoulder dislocations, squat to stand and front and side kicks. The workout has 3 sets, each one of it has 2 exercises and the number of repetitions depends fully on me. I am focused on quality not quantity. Each set has to be done 4 times. After workout, 5 exercises of bodyline drills: plank, side plank, reverse plank, hollow hold and arch hold. Besides this, Mondays are part of my fasting diet. 36 hrs fasting. From Sunday evening till Tuesday morning. Tuesdays: – running. In here the type of running changes by week Read more

Tragedy !

Tragedy indeed. As it it, I am devastated. Yesterday, as I said, I went running. For the first time … remember ? For the first time this year, first time in Romania etc. I had in mind a slow pace … and as much as I can handle distance. I went out of my place, equipped, motivated, full of expectations. The run in itself went good. 10k at 6min/km pace. Finishing with a boost of energy. Where is the tragedy you might ask?

July !

Second month of running over. June´s figures were 19.59 km while in July I managed to run 40.95 km. Longest run was 10k, and I managed twice with no real issues for the knee. For the moment I am at 68 min per 10k, which is just 18 min away from my PR. I tried my forces for 5k and I managed a 31:51, and that is just about 8 min slower than what I was doing before. I did mentioned in previous articles that I am passing trough some changes in my life, therefore routine it is not yet achievable 100%, I can´t set real number to run per month. What I can set is the lower limit. And Read more

When routine meets the objective !

Just finished posting on Saturday about my objective of reaching 10k distance by mid august when I went out for my Saturday run. I started running thinking about a 7k maybe reaching 8. Till Saturday the longest run was 6.5. I started running slowly, trying not to get to excited and increase the pace, and just checking the view. I managed to get into the rhythm and pound the trail without realising that I am running. Effortless I would say. I ran 4k and I decided to turn. Turning at 4 would give me of course an 8k run. Getting close to the  house I realised that I am feeling great so I passed the house and ran some more. Read more

Preparing for 10 k

By mid August I will try to test my knee for a 10k run. Yes ! I have an objective and I can train for it. In the previous post I talked about routine as a best friend. However, routine without the help of objectives doesn´t do the trick, at least for me. I need to have objectives, so the routine gains a justification. I ran 20 km overall in June, after 6 months of break. At this moment, 25th of July I am at 15 km and will probably reach 20 or a bit above. My longest run was 6.5 and went good. My pace for 5k is 6.22 min / km which is quite slow, but I am grateful Read more

Running loading … … … 15 %

I still haven´t finished the article about knee rehabilitation exercises. Kill me. Probably will not be done very soon. I am passing through another busy, frustrating, exhausting period in my life so writing was a bit left aside. I ran for the third time this month. 3 km again, and that puts me with a total of 8, 38 km. And an average pace of 7:31 min per km. I can give you all this information because last year  I received a very useful gift from my wife. A Garmin Forerunner 610, that was not used for it´s purpose since. But I can benefit now of all the reports and figures and plans and percentages that this gadget can show me. Read more

Lace Locker

Just before I start with the review I need to tell a story from Novemberflåset.It was there when I tested the lacelocker´s. As the race started I was thinking about it : “who ever needs it ? You just need to pay attention and your laces are not going to untie.” In the same moment the guy that was running in front of me had to stop, get down and tie his shoe laces. And so I had my answer : he needs it ! Lace Locker  ! It is an ingenious piece of equipment that I think I am going to use for more than just running. I used it on the race and worked. It is easy to use Read more