My Odyssey, part I

For some of you this story is already known. I wrote about it on the previous blog that me and Diana had when we lived in Mozambique. This is just a rerun, because nothing  is happening and I can’t just write stories on how I went and run today 🙂 ! For who haven’t read the previous blog… sit comfortable and enjoy. It is going to  be a long story!  My Odyssey has happened far far away in the unknown ….for me… Mozambique, in the year of grace 2012! I can say that this is the story of my Iliad and my Odyssey. For who is not  up to date with the ancient literature the Iliad talks about the Trojan War ( Read more

I killed them !

I am a runner. In a very official way. I have killed one pair of shoes. I started running with the FiveFingers as I said before, however in the winter I needed something else. The FiveFingers were nice but I would freeze my ass running in them, and I would have big pain in my feet. So I started thinking about a pair of running shoes. In the first moment I thought …oh God ! more things to buy. I have to say that living in Norway that is the first reaction that one has when it comes to shopping. Everything it´s expensive here. Anyway, going back to the running shoes. As I never thought about running, I also was Read more

Why running ?

Attention ! This article does not take in consideration people who have run and doing sports all their life. Those are not normal ! I am kidding … maybe ! I am talking about regular people such as myself that left the bad habits take over their life. I am talking about people who smoke or have been, enjoy some greasy steaks, and some wine or beer or whatever. Maybe people who fancy chocolate a bit more than they should. I am talking about us. The normal humans ! I have said in a previous article that I used to do sports when I was kid/teenager. I used to do mountaineering till I was in my early twenties.The Carpathians are Read more

The story of a Mozambican dog

We have a Mozambican dog. This is a definitory statement. We have a Mozambican dog and that uses all our time. This is again a non running article. Maybe will have a bit of running but not too much ! We adopted our dog in May – June 2012 in Mozambique. He lived with his brothers and sisters in a very small, dark and filthy room, just next to a kindergarten in the city of Nacala. We knew the owner of the kindergarten and she had 3 adult dogs, among them the mother of our dog and 6 pups. She was saying that she takes care of them however … I think it is a matter of standards. She fed Read more

Future plans and training program

Hitting the wall after the marathon made me reconsider some plans. Secret plans that is, but still plans. I will not change anything in my goals till the end of the year, so I will work to improve my 10 k time. After the running experience I had on Sunday I also want to get more trail under my feet. Ok, lets talk numbers than. My PB for 10 k is 53.08 set in April in a race in Oslo. Before than my PB was 58:46, set in November 2013 in Sweden ( my first ever race ). My goal for the rest of the year is to lower my time till 45 min. In terms of races I will Read more

Best run ever !

Trail runs forever ! Trail runs are so cool ! Trail runs are the best ! As you can see I am a bit excited! Sunday I just had the best run of my life ! We went to visit our friends in Halden and I took the opportunity to go for a run with the famous Norwegian friend that I talked before. The one and only … Glenn ! I will tell you more about him at some point. Around Halden they have very nice forests and we had a great day as we haven’t met anyone on the trails! Why is trail running so nice ? Well, do you remember that I have mentioned in an article that Read more

It is time to run !

As it passed a bit too much since last serious run I guess it is time to go out and try again. This time will travel south to the beautiful town of Halden and get a trail run around there. Will be the 2 men and their dogs running through the woods ! I will get some pictures … maybe, that is if we don´t get too much rain ! Till then I leave you in the company of some memories from Africa ! Enjoy ! Facebook Comments

Me and running !

I have been fascinated with running for a long time. Not with the asphalt running but trail, nature, mountain running. I would look to an image of a forest or whatever other nature image and instantly the thought that pops up in my head is how fast I can go from one point to another inside that scenery photo. This has been with me since a kid. Also, since I was a kid I had denied it. Because I was never able to run properly. I would develop some sort of pain after distances bigger than 1 or 2 km. Either the knees, or the kidneys region or the lungs or all together. So I never ran. I did tried. Read more

The wall !

Nope, not the famous wall while running a marathon but a wall that I do not know how to name. I guess the proper name would be post marathon depression. So how does this work ? Well, I can´t run. Since 21 of June, the day of the marathon I ran a 4.6 km on 22, a 13.3 on 28 and yesterday I had my first attempt on some intervals with the runners from SkiLøperne. I had to give up. I had a 4.4 warm up which went ok and during the intervals I had to stop. Why I had to stop ? I felt tired, physically and mentally. Could not get the motivation to continue. Felt a bit weird Read more