Merry Christmas !

Unusually … in Norway around Christmas period it is cold. And dark. And cold. And dark.

I just past trough my first beginning of a depression caused by the lack of sunlight. Apparently emigrants get this quite often. I thought that I might escape it but I did not. We had some weeks with bad weather that culminated with me locked in the house for a couple of days due to a beginning of  a cold. The lack of sun got me depressed, without energy … sad … sick … and I was cold also to make things better.

Like any other man, when I get a bit sick it is the end of the world. I will die and everything hurts. Till it gets better. Which it did, just in time for Christmas. And so I decided that it is the moment for me to wish you a Happy Happy Christmas ! Hopefully you have behaved and Santa will visit you today. I know that I will get a visit because I was the one that had to get the gift from the post office. Santa was in a work trip in Stavanger in that period. I also know where the gift it is hidden. Which beats the purpose of hiding all together ! Anyway, I am anxious to see what Santa brought me this year !

I have one more article to write this year. The one where I look back at 2014 and forward at 2015 ! Till then  once again : Merry Christmas ! God Jul ! Feliz Natal ! Craciun Fericit !

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