Dealing with a long term injury

My running has been like a roller coaster in the last period. Started running again in may, went good-ish all the way to mid September when I went to deal with my hip. Hip hip – hurray!

I can say that, considering that first time I had to stop running was 27th of December 2014, I have a long term injury.

During the last period I improved my 10k time, twice, from 50 to 46.

Consequently improving 5k, 3k, 1k, and half marathon distance. Stopped for a while after Baneasa Trail Run, to take on therapy for realigning my hip.

When aloud to run again did 55 km in 3 days. And had a relapse at my knee. Pain, discomfort. Went again trough therapy, received again green light to run, took it easy, ran a half marathon at a fairly low pace, had another relapse, again my knee.

Again therapy, cryogeny, massage and now I am good. Good to walk, still have some pain depending on the position and I can’t think about running as it is.

As you can imagine, I am frustrated and sad. I am experiencing running withdrawal symptoms. I am cranky, in a bad mood, having an overall feeling of restlessness.

My biggest frustration comes from not really knowing what I have.

The people from MedySportLine are still to give me a 100% diagnostic. 1 explanation was that I had 1 big problem (the misalignment in my hip)  that was covering other smaller problems that are facing up now. 1 of the reasons is that the pain I am feeling at this moment, it is different than the pain I had before fixing the hip.

So how am I dealing with my long term injury?

Not so good at this moment. One thought passed trough my mind and that was to just leave it as it is. My knee condition allows me probably to run every now and than a 5k in the park, without too much pain. I could do that.

But than I remember. Some of m best memories in the last years are involving running and runners. Starting with Glenn and our decision to run a marathon, continuing with my running friends from Skiloperne ( The runners from Ski ), continuing with the group of runners I met in Ponte de Lima (north of Portugal) and finally  all the nice people I met since I am in Romania. And here I am going to name just CiucasX3, as it was where I met a lot of people, being involved 4 weekends in the event.

And than I think at how I feel after a good run, and how anxious I am to plan my racing season, and to set objectives, and to train. And to be fit. And happy. And to work to improve my time, and to be a better runner, which in my view has an effect on me as a person, overall.

So next week I will go again to the doctor, in order to have a plan on how I can overcome my knee’s sensibility and to be able to run the way I want and need.

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