Knee alignment

Since I got my diagnosis I started searching more things regarding patellofemoral pain syndrome, knee alignment, and body posture in general. Which I always knew that it is important. But I was looking at it as important for improving performance, never looked at it in the way poor body performance = injuries.

I am no expert, and probably there are people that might argue with me on the affirmation that knee alignment is related with poor body posture.

However I am looking at it from the point of view that if you have a knee unaligned, your leg will hurt in a certain position. Your body will try to compensate that certain pain and will alter its posture. As it is, because of my bad knee, my body adjusted its movements and I have a slight awkward movement in my hip and while running I have some pain.

Recently I found a very easy test to determine if you have a good knee alignment or not. Check the video :

As it happens, one leg squats were one of my favourite exercise and I always wondered why my left legs wobbles so much. My left leg  is my strong leg. So why I can perform one leg squats better on my so called weak leg ? Well, now I know !

Maybe you should also do this test. And if it happens that one of your knees collapses in while doing 1 leg squats, than maybe you should realign your knee !

And I have found some articles for that also :

In the link above you can find some knee alignment exercises that I am looking into at this moment. I have also found something even more interesting ( the internet is big and great ) which is  an already made knee exercises program.

Save the pdf on your computer and open from there. Online does not load good. At least on my computer. Havent gave it a thorough read, but at a first glance looks useful. Looking forward to try it !

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