Happy birthday to me!

35. 2 years ago I was writing this: 33. Last year I haven’t posted anything on my birthday as last year was a rather difficult period around this time of the year. 1 day before my birthday I lost one of my best friends and my birthday was not so funny.

This year I had nothing on mind, but running. Unfortunately running is not happening for me at this moment.  However in terms of running I can say that it was a successful year.

Let me explain that for you.

  • I managed to run much more than last year. That alone is an improvement
  • I discovered what was the main issue bothering my running and I fixed it
  • I am on my way to fix the problems that appeared after fixing the main problem
  • I gain much more muscle flexibility in the last period
  • I ran a 10k and a half marathon
  • I improved my time for 10k with 4 minutes
  • I met a lot of interesting people trough running, here in Romania
  • I volunteered for 2 races: CiucasX3 and Sugas Race.

Connected to the last 2 points, there is one news that I kept it for myself till now.

The organising team for CiucasX3 is in the same team a team of amateur athletes. Runners, including ultra-marathoners, and triathlonists. And somewhere in November, I was invited to join the team, and that just came at the right time. Struggling with alternating pain moments with running moments I was a bit tired. So this opportunity came for me at the right time, giving me a boost of motivation.

So at this moment I am looking for a year full of running, I am expecting to be more intelligent in my training and my sports choices, and to have a blast together with my new cool team.


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