Chronic stupidity

In the last period I have been asked several times by several people how to start running, or how to get better at it. Mostly my colleagues. And my answer is always the same: start small, set objectives, be consistent AND … the most important do not push, do not expect results over night, do not over train, do not run every day at the beginning, especially if you first have some kilograms to loose etc etc etc. You risk an injury. And after I say all this I tell them how I got injured in the first place.  My injury is more complex, but still, overdoing it has something to do with it.

So technically I know it. I know, I read, I have experienced it, not just in running but in most of my life aspects. So I am an chronic overdoer.

Knowing this, what do I do after I rebalance my hip? And I am still doing therapy for my lower back once every other week? What? I overdoit again.

I asked the doctor if I can run again, and he gave me persmission. Probably he did not took in consideration, he could not, what type of chronic overdoer idiot I am.

Monday I did intervals and I managed the performance to have all 9 km of intervals under 5 min/km. Which for me it is a big thing. But I told you about it already. What I did not mentioned is that after my intervals I felt some …pain. Different type of pain. In my left knee. I decided like any self respecting runner to say: “I will outrun it. It will pass.”

So on Tuesday I went running in the morning, run combined with some strength exercises, and when I came home I felt the pain growing. I was smart enough to decide, again … that I can outrun it. So I planned to go for the second run of the day. Which I did, but I had to come back after 700 m. I came back bccause I could not bend my leg, and I felt like I had a knife in my knee. So not good.

I went today to the doctors, at Medy SportLine , and the verdict was simple: I ran too fast. He explained me that after fixing what I had, I have no restriction on distance, but I should not try to improve my times. Which I did, without thinking.

Good news:

  • I was able to improve my times so fast that I managed to injure myself
  • The injury is not so bad. Actually I am aloud to run tomorrow
  • Maybe, just maybe, this will serve me as a lesson, and stop overdoing it.

I somehow am not sure about the third one, but I can just hope.

At the end, I beg of you: don’t over do it!

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