Trial and error, 10.10

Today’s training was difficult. I came after a weekend spent at my parents house where I just ate and slept. So today in the morning I was a bit …hmmm. Not interested in going out. But I did. I planned to change my training from last week. Last week I did jog+strength+jog Monday and intervals on Tuesday, at the end of the 36 hrs of fasting. This week I moved the intervals on Monday, and I will leave for tomorrow the strength. My plan is during Monday’s to alternate different types of intervals. 10x1km, 3x4km, 3x6x400m and so on. And in time will be able to appreciate the progress. Or lack of it. Today for example I felt slow and Read more

Trial and error, 05.10 Training

After 04.10 when I went for a long run and came back with a PB for 10 k, yesterday I decided to go for a longer run. I calculated it should be 22 from my house, 3 rounds around the lake, back home. The lake has 6, till the lake 2 back from lake 2. Was not exactly 22. I got a half marathon distance. 21, 12 km. A bit more than a half, with about 30m. Good training. As I started running I felt not very good. Pain in the knee, pain in the hip. After 3 km I thought I might have to settle with the regular 10 and call the day. After the 7th km I started Read more

PR. As simple as that.

Put on  We are the champions and start reading. At least this is what I am listening while writing and this is how I feel now. My first 10k happened to be during a race. My first race. Novemberflåset 2013, in Stromstad, Sweden. 59 min. I was running for about 2 months, but never made it quite to 10. 7 was max. I ran it in my FiveFingers. During 2014 I had Sentrumsløpet with an official result of 53:08. In October 2014 I had Hytteplanmila, one of the nicest races I had ever run. Here I had my PR with 50:56, that lasted till Monday, 29th of August 2016,  when I managed 50:43. Today, I went out with a strong motivation, stronger Read more

Hello soreness my old friend!

I had prepared 2 articles. 1 about the weekend and my trip to Ciucas mountains where I went to see the half marathon path, from Ciucas X3. The other was about how do I feel at week 8 from my training program. I don´t need an article to say that I can just mention it in 1 word: DUMB. I feel dumb and sore. At CiucasX3 , where I am volunteering and by the way … if anyone that runs the ultra version, which is 105 km, in the most remote corner of your path, somewhere far far far away, there I will be to cheer you up, and kind of that is it. The place is so far away Read more

The shit just got serious!

Pardon my french. I am in a period of intensive training. And I will develop this for you: Mondays: – strenght training. Warm up – 6 exercises – shoulder tolls, scapula push ups, shoulder dislocations, squat to stand and front and side kicks. The workout has 3 sets, each one of it has 2 exercises and the number of repetitions depends fully on me. I am focused on quality not quantity. Each set has to be done 4 times. After workout, 5 exercises of bodyline drills: plank, side plank, reverse plank, hollow hold and arch hold. Besides this, Mondays are part of my fasting diet. 36 hrs fasting. From Sunday evening till Tuesday morning. Tuesdays: – running. In here the type of running changes by week Read more

Paulo says, part 2

As I said in previous article, I have a more professional approach to running and I reached out to my friend Paulo, to help me out regain my form. In between us here, running now after so long, and seeing that I can´t maintain 5:30/km for more than 2-3 km, thinking that while in Norway 5:30 was the pace I was relaxing in, it is rather frustrating. But, if life taught me something, and it did, it is to take it slowly. And pick my fights as some good friend of mine would tell. So, I asked Paulo, and him, being at the beginning of his road as nutritionist, personal trainer, said: yes, you can be my guinea pig. I Read more

Paulo says!

I know it was Simon, but he is busy with other stuff. I am working with Paulo. Let me first introduce to you my Portuguese friend. I have a Norwegian friend that I have presented in the beginning and now it is time for my Portuguese friend. He is Paulo Buchinho. The guy behind The Real Green Scene. I met Paulo in Norway, while we were both trying to learn Norwegian. Meanwhile I don´t have to try, while he still is having headaches because of Norwegian lessons. Anyway, leaving aside how we met, we kept contact since. That was in the beginning of 2015 , when I was not running due to my injury. By the time we met, Paulo Read more

Beyond the training plan

I am in full process of developing my training plan for the marathon. I enjoy doing this and reading about different types of training and what I should use and when and why. It is very interesting. If my training plan is good or bad , that is  another story. But there is one thing to build a training plan and you need something else to actually implement it. Why am I saying that ? Because training for a marathon it is not easy. And should not be easy. In my opinion if it is easy your are not doing enough. It means that you should train harder. I trained for one marathon and I know how much motivation I Read more

Training plans !

To meet my running goals for next year, which are not 100 % set, I need to think about my training. I say not 100% as I am still considering a race or 2, and I am still considering my goals per each race. For Nordmarka Skogsmaraton 2014 I had developed my own training plan. The training plan was roughly 6 months and had 3 training days a week : 1 shorter run, 1 longer run, 1 strength. Being an absolute beginner, that could barely run 10k, my first weeks were building on 10k. I started with shorter 5 k, longer 7k for 2 weeks and gradually increased the distance till I reached shorter run of 15 and longer run Read more

Training update !

As I mentioned in a previous article … I mean here, I have set my goals for this year for my running. Not  many races, though. The reason for no  many , to be honest, is the price. In Norway everything is expensive ! But I can do my training regardless of races. I have followed my training plan almost 80% till now and I am happy to say that the running drills and legs strength exercises are working. After second week of drills I notice a change in my running posture. I will keep doing it. Regarding intervals … hmmm … I am back at the chapter called pain. Oh does it hurt …I have done 2 sessions of intervals one Read more