Dealing with a long term injury

My running has been like a roller coaster in the last period. Started running again in may, went good-ish all the way to mid September when I went to deal with my hip. Hip hip – hurray! I can say that, considering that first time I had to stop running was 27th of December 2014, I have a long term injury. During the last period I improved my 10k time, twice, from 50 to 46. Consequently improving 5k, 3k, 1k, and half marathon distance. Stopped for a while after Baneasa Trail Run, to take on therapy for realigning my hip. When aloud to run again did 55 km in 3 days. And had a relapse at my knee. Pain, discomfort. Read more

Tragedy !

Tragedy indeed. As it it, I am devastated. Yesterday, as I said, I went running. For the first time … remember ? For the first time this year, first time in Romania etc. I had in mind a slow pace … and as much as I can handle distance. I went out of my place, equipped, motivated, full of expectations. The run in itself went good. 10k at 6min/km pace. Finishing with a boost of energy. Where is the tragedy you might ask?

Life happens.

I am currently following the 6633 Ultra race, the toughest race on the face of the world. 560 km in the Arctic. We have for the first time 3 Romanians running it, and the results after 3 days are showing a Romanian podium. I wish them and all the participants the best of luck! But back to me. After last year started very bad for my running it just got worse. At the end of the year I passed trough some very tough personal problems and once again I moved. Since 2008 I moved every year, except 2011 when I lived all year long in the same place. besides that …I had a major move every year, including moving from Read more

Realignment !

As I said, I have started my rehabilitation exercises. I don´t have to say they are boring. But, I am starting to see improvements ! The exercises that I am doing now are mainly for knee and hip. I am doing : hip hikes, straight leg raises, knee cap glides, side – lying leg lift, bridging, short arc quad sets. Not necessarily in this order. I am doing it for  about 10 days. I have a bigger list and I will add and remove exercises as I go. Before I started I analysed my feet, knees, legs in general. And I have noticed that my left foot has a tendency of pointing left. To be more accurate that means that my Read more

Friday, 13th

Was not a lucky day. I had my appointment with the orthopedic doctor. Long story short : I have a small cyst in the back of the patella. This however should not give me the type of pain that I feel. In the MR there is nothing to show and by my description it looks like a meniscus tear. The doctor gave me the option of having an arthroscopy so they can take a look. While they are in, they can fix if it is a tear, and they can remove also the cyst. So … that is where I am at this moment. I will have some time to think if I want to do it or not. I will Read more


My 2015 for running is not looking good. I already changed my subscription for Fjellmaraton to 2016, and it looks like Lisbon Half Marathon is out of the question. As I have a lot of family in the 7 km race I might try to accompany them there. Especially as it is my goddaughter´s first race ! I hope I can do the 7 km so I can run with her. Besides that … the knee does not hurt so bad now and it is not swollen anymore, however I am not feeling it good. I trust him not. That is because it might not hurt now but suddenly I can feel something like a pointy metal rod passing trough Read more