My Odyssey, part V

Before I continue with my trip around Mozambique … I am back ! Had a trip till a cottage somewhere 4 h distance from Oslo but we had a miserable weather. I guess that is what happens when you go to the mountains in August ! Was nice to get out of the house anyway. My injury continues to be an injury and I have moments when my foot hurts, but will continue fighting with it and probably will get an x-ray.  There was I after a night of nightmare after the car decided to stop on me for good. As you read, I managed to get the car in the city of Chimoio, with the help of the Romanian Read more

My Odyssey, part IV

After many days of travelling trough Mozambique, buying and fixing a car, adopting a dog, going back to Maputo after car stopped in the middle of nowhere and fixing the car ( or at least that is what I thought ), I arrived again to the middle of nowhere ( apparently they have many middles of nowhere in Mozambique) and the apprentice that was with me was saying that we might have lions there ! For some of you that might ask why I kept going, why I did not return the car and so on … I have to tell you that in Mozambique if you bought it you bought it. Warranty ? Do not make me laugh. In Read more

My Odyssey, part III

Summer is almost finished in Norway. After the scorching  sun we had to bear in July, August starts with rain. It also looks like the runners are back and soon will get some running stuff happening here, so  I don´t have to go through the memories or changing the appearance of the blog just to have some activity 🙂 ! Anyway, going down the memory lane again.  Where were we ? I guess here : I gave some 5 minutes, the smoke went out and I started again. I drove a bit slower. I arrived to a place that was somehow similar to a market, and had something similar to a bus stop. The car was smoking again so I have Read more

It is time to run !

As it passed a bit too much since last serious run I guess it is time to go out and try again. This time will travel south to the beautiful town of Halden and get a trail run around there. Will be the 2 men and their dogs running through the woods ! I will get some pictures … maybe, that is if we don´t get too much rain ! Till then I leave you in the company of some memories from Africa ! Enjoy !

Not a running article

Good evening ! Out of sheer boredom and because I have mentioned that I lived at some point in Africa, and because I have some time on my own now and went through some photos, I have made a small … slide show. I am also using this post as a part of my calibration. Meaning I am trying to see when should I post to get most attention. Therefor … The photos were taken during a safari in Botswana. We went there in October 2012 and we had a fantastic week of Wildlife Tracking through the savanna! I am still a marathon runner but from time will go back to the past and get this type of things. The Read more