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And I like it. Since I received green light from my doctor, Vasile Osean from MedySportLine, it seems like races are coming to me. I was thinking at Sugas Race and Mountain Marathon Rafael. Actually I was thinking to choose in between them. I already had 1 half planned for the end of November, and thought that 1 before could help.

Sugas was a bit out, but I decided to ask if they need volunteers. And they need. And while I was speaking with one of the organisers, I asked if as volunteer I can run also. And I can. So I will.  Sugas has 2 days, run and bike, where running has 2 distances: 17 and 24 km. I went for 17.

22 October I am running the half distance at Mountain Marathon Rafael. This was planned.

Mid to end of November there is my secret planned half, where I go with a goal. So I will run with a plan. That I need to make this month. That is why I am using the 2 races before to test some gels, hydrating, etc.

Than I had a colleague from BoostIT HUB,  sending a message asking if I go to Baneasa Winter trail run on 11th of December. I was not planning but the message was: if you do it I will also register for the 10.5 cross. His first race ever. So I said: yes. So I will run on 11th.

And to make it better, I remembered that there is another half that I want to do on 18th of December: Pe Arges in Jos. So my calendar is:

  1. 15.10 – Sugas Race17 km (trail)
  2. 22.10 –Mountain Marathon Rafaelhalf marathon (trail)
  3. Mid-End November – Half Marathon – (road)
  4. 11.12 – Baneasa Winter TrailHalf Marathon (trail, flat)
  5. 18.12 – Pe Arges in JosHalf Marathon (not sure if road or trail)

Now I need to focus on the training plan for the period till November. I need to find a place to run in Luxembourg, around the hotel and I need to see if I will go to Portugal for WebSummit, with BoostIT. Going or not going will change my plans considerably.

So for the next weekends if you want to find me you know where I will be: running!



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