Baneasa Autumn Trail Run

82 days 12 hours and roughly 30 min. Till my first race after my DNF from the second marathon attempt in 27th of December 2014.

Baneasa Autumn Trail Run, Cros. Meaning 10.5 km. I was with my eyes on the race and even though I registered in the moment that they opened registration I have race number 103.

They have the half marathon distance but I am there yet. Will take it easy, I want to pass through all the distances.

I have almost 3 months to keep doing what I am doing now: planking, stretching, core strength, yoga and pilates exercises, aikido, running, biking. Meanwhile I will get some more training with my mountaineering experiences during the summer.

Soon I will add some intervals and fartlek training. Looks good. I am having good feelings about this.

Wish me luck!




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