I am 33 today. Time flies away fast. Soon it will be 2 years since we moved to Norway, 3 years since we moved to Mozambique, 5 years since we started our life in Portugal 6 years since I left Romania. Time flies fast.

I am 33 and I am feeling good. I am feeling better than I felt at 23 and I cherish this feeling. Today it is a day for myself to look back and evaluate my life. I need/must/will see the good and bad and try to set some future goals.

I am 33 and I lived in 4 countries on 2 continents. I have met interesting people and had great experiences from which I have learned. Sometimes faster, sometimes … not so fast.

I am 33 and have great friends all over the world, a family that supported me all the time in my decisions. I am in a good shape and health.

I am 33 and struggling to learn my 4th language while adapting to another new culture.

I am 33 and I am looking forward to see what the future brings to me, while I must not forget to live the day as it is.

I am 33 and I am happy !

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