Initially, I wrote a big text about how good I did this year. And then I drank some wine and came up with this:

This was a difficult year for me. I moved, I divorced …bla blah.

What have I gained from this year?

And this is more than how much I ran, how much I improved and how many races I ran. That is insignificant. What I gained this year is much more important for me.

  • I managed to meet some people similar to me. They like running, mountains and running on the mountains. This is good. These people, invited me to belong to an amateur athletes team. And so I joined Ciucas X3 team.
  • I found a doctor that pointed out where the root cause of my problems lays. It is my hip. I am currently working on correcting it. I spend a lot of time this year dealing with it, and I think I am on a way to correct my problem.
  • And the main thing I have learned is to have patience. And to look at running as a lifestyle, a continuous thing, a long life experience.

And for that, I have set a certain number of goal for 2017, but they do not have anything to do with races or number of km, or PR’s, but with my lifestyle.
And if I manage to follow my plan, the rest will come.

I wish you all a 2017 full of good runs, no injuries and happiness!

Happy New Year! 

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